Northern California, 2020 indoor/outdoor grow

Starting my 2020 summer grow in Northern California.
I have done a journal like this for several years.

Currently have 3 strains from local clones:

THC Bomb

These are starting out in a grow closet under lights; with an 18 hour light cycle.
In early May my day length will be 14 hours, and these plants move outdoors.

I will be topping and fimming, and plan to cut 3 or 4 clones from the lower branches of each plant when they are big enough.

Also some tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, etc.


Roots after 10 days in soil.

In 10 gallon pots.

I’ll be growing in organic soil. My soil base is EB Stone potting soil mix (peat) with additional worm casings, azomite minerals, gypsum, etc.

Under lights in a grow closet.

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Schedule (work in progress):

Start April 3 Clones in rockwool
April 15 Transplant to 10 gallon pots

From last year. I harvested 2.5 kilos.


Update at 26 days from rock wool. In 10 gallon pots.
I did topping & fimming to help the plants spread. Vegging under lights for 2 more weeks.

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I cut clones today.

I cut the 3 lower branches off of each plant. I trim the side leafs, cut a diagonal clean slice, and place in water.

I do a second pass on trimming, cut the big leaves in half, scrape a line of bark off the lowest inch, dip in aloe vera juice, roll in rooting powder, make a hole in the dirt with a pencil, and pack soil around the branch.

My clones go straight into dirt. I have used rock wool cubes, but I have gotten alot of dampoff losses.

I use an upside down plastic bin as a humidity chamber. Fluorescent light lays across the top. The top is offset from the base to allow air flow. I spray water inside the bin to develop humidity.

I expect roots in 3 to 4 weeks, then transplant to 10 gallon pots. These go outdoors to veg.

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@Happilyretired Here’s my latest journal. I only do summer grows now.

Nice… I’ll be watching
I’m out in the country just south of Modesto I am also a retired engineer… Operating engineer… LOL
Last year I did outdoor and it got too out of control size wise and then the harvest… it was right in the middle of the Almond harvest out here so the dirt was horrible.
This year I’m going to do autos outside so that I can have them finished before the end of July.

Hello I’ve been growing inside for about a year and have decided to go outside this summer for 1st time so would love to watch your grow and your journal cause I’m with you why run my grow lights if I don’t have to. Since I’m in North East Oklahoma I have different climate than yours but I’ve been watching another gentleman growing outside in 60 ,65 100 and 200 gal grow bags and his plants are jaw dropping. He also uses an organic soil mixes in lots of peat and perlite keep soil very loose and adds worm castings guano teas ect. I would like to see how you’re doing it also if you don’t mind me following along. :sunglasses:

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@Amazon66 Welcome to my journal. There’s not much happening right now, just vegging outdoors.
The weather changed just as I was moving plants outdoors. They went from an 85 degree grow room with 18 hours of strong lights, to a cloudy windy cold week. I had to stake them up, the wind had flattened them.

I have 9 clone cuttings indoors, trying to grow roots, but not worth a photo.


Update at 9 weeks from rockwool cubes.
Vegging outdoors.

There is a 36 inch measuring stick in one plant, height today is about 42 inches. These are not autos, probably will not start flowering until August.

It takes at least 1 gallon of water to get any runoff. These are 10 gallon pots with organic soil. Only problems so far is due to a bad pH meter, gave me some nutrient lockout. New growth is OK.


And 9 clones, looking pretty ragged. Hope to get enough roots to transplant soon.

Three clippings from each of 3 strains. I usually lose a few.

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You put those things in the ground they will be 10 or 12 feet tall…It’s the middle of June .
…those things are going to be huge June… Can’t wait to see this explosion!

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These are looking pretty big can’t wait to see them flower out

Transplanted 6 clones to outdoor pots. These came from indoors, but I’ve been hardening them with a little hot sun for a few hours each day.

A healthy Lemongrass clone.

My 3 Romulan clones are not ready. Slow to grow roots, so not getting nutes. Droopy and sad.

I just did potted 4 today myself. I have a few more to do as soon as the pots are vacant …

Update at 15 weeks. Starting to form structure.

And here are the clones 5 weeks after transplanting. Two each of THC Bomb and Lemongrass. I gave one of each away. None of my Romulan clones made it.

I have aluminum foil shields over the black pots to protect the roots from sun and heat. And maybe the shiny foil scares the birds away from my vegetable garden. Birds are pecking holes in my ripe tomatoes.

Your plants look great…
I live in central Cali… all my sativa girls are starting to stretch I have a couple indica girls that are vegging to the end…

@Happilyretired I know you built a grow shed, but you had also mentioned that you were going to do some outdoor growing too. How are you doing with the triple digits Heat?

The outdoor stuff is loving the heat… I planted One seed plant in kind of weird set up somewhere around the third week of May and then I planted my clones outside the end of June So they would be smaller and easier to control insects… The one that I planted in May is 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide… A beautiful round canopy… The inside stuff has it own climate control so it’s good… Thanks for asking…:slightly_smiling_face: