Northern California, 2019 indoor/outdoor grow

Update on my clones at 27 weeks. 4 strains, outdoor grow, Northern California.

I harvested 6 Chocolate Tonic CDB plants. It may be an early harvest, just random amber trichomes, mostly white trichomes, but CBD matures earlier than THC.

Fresh cuttings in the blue bin, hydrogen peroxide wash in the second bin with a weight holding the floating weed down, then a rinse bin, then an empty plastic bin to take the wet dripping buds to drying racks.

Drying inside a shed, probably 5 days or so, then into paper bags until I get around to trimming it.


Sweet! Congrats

My trimming setup for the previously dried batches.

Yield 6.5 ounces of Hades OG in jars, plus the bag of trim. This is from one plant.

Unfortunately, my 30 week Guava Jelly CBD mother was all fluff, no solid buds. But I have a clone of Guava Jelly that seems better. The cuttings are dry and sitting in a wine box until I can think of something to do with it. My guess is this went back into veg mode.

Unfortunately, my 30 week Napali Pink mother had too much bud rot. I didn’t want to save any of it. But I have another 4 clones of Napali doing well.

Chocolate Tonic CBD strain was in my drying shed for 5 days.


Yielded 1 pound 11 ounces (765 grams) of buds in 9 jars, plus 5 ounces (141 grams) of smokable trim in the bag. Initial test smoke gave me a mild working high, but this is supposed to be about the CBD (17%).

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I washed my harvest in hydrogen peroxide, then hung up to dry for 5 days.
My initial jar humidity was 35% (too low). So I’m using @Myfriendis410 suggestion of wet Mr Clean Magic Eraser cubes to add moisture. I previously have used orange or lemon peel but that method may introduce mold or bugs to my jars.

Just damp and check every 12 hours and re-dampen if necessary (and it will)

Time to harvest my 4 Napali Pink and 2 Guava Jelly plants.

One of many nice buds.

One of many bins cut.

My wash line: blue bin of fresh cut branches, wash bin with H2O2 and weight, rinse bin, and a bin of dripping branches to be hung up to dry.

These will hang dry for about 5 days, then in paper bags until trimming and jars.


Final Update: @Myfriendis410 @AAA @SmoknGranny @Big123 @Ning @Covertgrower @peachfuzz
All my plants are harvested, dried, and curing. This journal will end.

Napali Pink 34 ounces bud + 5 ounces of clean trim.
Hades OG 6.5 ounces bud + 2 oz clean trim.
Chocolate Tonic CBD 27 ounces bud + 5 oz clean trim.
Guava Jelly CBD 21 ounces bud + 3 oz clean trim.

Total for my 2019 outdoor grow is 88.5 ounces (2.5 kilos).
I probably will not be growing indoors this winter, unless there’s a strain I really want.

Napali Pink and Guava Jelly to be trimmed.

Guava Jelly in jars.

Napali Pink, I don’t have enough jars.


You can use a ‘Homer’ (Home Depot Bucket) to act as a jar if you have lots of one strain.


@Myfriendis410 Yeah, a bucket or a bin. Or turkey bags. Not as air tight as a jar.

I have alot of older weed that’s been in jars for 3-4 years. Not fun to smoke anymore.
I should probably recycle those.


Get a chest type (non) frost free freezer and store your flower, in jars or totes, in there. It will last 3 to 4 years with only minimal degradation of THC into CBN so it will be a bit more ‘couch lock’ after a couple of years.

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Nice numbers. Sounds like you will be making a lot of friends!

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Congratulations! Thanks for tagging me. Goodness gracious! That’s a big haul! Do you keep your harvest as buds? If you make extracts with it like RSO or FECO, it will be a lot less space plus they will keep forever at room temp. Where do you live? I was thinking to drive up to visit Lompoc to see @Myfriendis410 (we talked about it, right?). If you aren’t that far, I’d love to get together for some tips too.

I haven’t finished trimming mine yet. One of my Gold Leaf planted outdoor in the soil grew to 10’. Trait me, you do NOT want it that big. When the caterpillars had a party on her while I was gone for 8 days in Early Sept, I came back to a lot of bud rots. I ended up working on the ladder for 3-5 hours for almost two weeks. I need all the cannabis massage oil I could get, lol!


Forum policy does prevent sharing contact information between members. That includes me too. I would love to hang out but can’t do that through this forum. Just an FYI.


Are you in the Bergman’s lab forum? We can exchange info or even seeds there.


Yes. Happy to.


Great! I got confused @Budlite with @StillSmokin who is on the lab side, lol!


Seen a tag, all good?..