Northern California, 2019 indoor/outdoor grow

Starting my 2019 grow indoors, then moving outdoors when the days are 14 hours long. These are local clones, and I will be cloning more plants from these as they develop.

These are:
Hades OG - my favorite smoke from last summer’s grow.
Napali Pink - a new strain from Hawaii
Chocolate Tonic - a CBD 2:1 strain
Guava Jelly - a CBD 2:1 strain.


I’ve been using CBD oil for my aches and pains, so why not grow my own. Both strains still have around 10% THC. I’m not planning to make extracts, but feel free to try to talk me into it.

I grow in organic soil, usually a peat base with worm casings, bat guano, coco fiber, Ironite or Azomite.
I’ll mix my batch when I transplant to 10 gallon pots. I’ll be fimming early to try to increase the number of branches that I can cut clones from.

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Nice. I’m in so cal and am fighting the need to start putting plants outdoors now. I started too many seeds and my indoor space isn’t big enough so I have already put 9 Afghani females out. Trying to keep the rest inside until 13-14 hours of daylight.

Good luck with the grow, I’ll be following.

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And I’m up north of Santa Barbara. Gonna throw some autos outside this year.

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I’ve had the best luck with autos outdoor when I waited til June to start them outside from seed. This year I started autos indoor, will put them outside when it warms up. I’m hoping indoor environment and consistency will help supercharge vegetative development leading to more buds.


That’s my plan too. Brian and I are sort of coordinating what I’ll run this summer versus his indoor stuff. I’m shutting down the indoor grow so I can concentrate on the hunting season this year: so far have a cow elk hunt and a muley/whitetail combo in SoDak. I’m planning on 3 autos to go in the ground around Memorial Day but plan on starting them in April indoors.

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I’ve got 12 white widow and 2 blueberry autos that are just starting. Once they grow out of there 9oz cups I’m putting outside. Planning a SOG outdoor. 4’x4’x20” tall box with a supesoil mix.

Trying to get an early harvest out of the box before planting photo strains.

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Clones doing well under lights. Also starting some tomatoes.

Got roots. Need to transplant into bigger pots soon.

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Building my soil. I am using a local (EB Stone) organic soil mix, plus additives. This was cheaper than Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Pro Mix.

Some soil additives are expensive, and the bagged soil mixes add a minimum amount. I add more worm casings, bone meal, blood meal, bat guano, calcium and magnesium. I usually refer to the “Build a Soil” plan for amounts.

I mix everything on a clean driveway.

In 7 gallon pots. Soaking wet with runoff. I will let the mix stabilize for a week before transplanting.


Update at 5 weeks, cutting clones.

Vegging at 5 weeks in 7 gallon pots. 16/8 lighting cycle.

Clones cut from lower branches, scraped the sides, applied aloe vera and rooting powder, into Grodan cubes.

After cutting, lower crowding is gone. These will continue under lights for another month, then move outdoors to natural sunlight.

My cloning chamber. I spray the leaves and inside the plastic bin to keep humidity high. The bin is offset from the lid to allow air exchange. The Grodan cubes were soaked in mild nutrients, aloe water, and B-1. I hope to see some roots poke through in about 1 week, some may take longer, some will die off.

These will go into small dirt pots, then be transplanted into 7 or 10 gallon pots, or directly into the ground sometime in May. Assuming 10 weeks of veg until July, then 10 weeks flower cycle with Harvest in October. That’s the plan anyway.

 These are: 

Hades OG
Napali Pink
Chocolate Tonic (CBD)
Guava Jelly (CBD)


I love the cloning chamber! I was trying to think of something like that about a week ago myself. Excellent idea :wink:

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@Missiles Yes the upside down bin works well. Taller than cut 2 liter plastic bottles, which I used to use. But not much light gets inside past the misty plastic. I should probably mount some LED strips inside. The clones don’t need much light, but I don’t know the minimum or maximum.

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I think what you have setup will work fine as far as lighting because you’re right they don’t need much at all. Mine actually took 14 almost 15 days before I seen roots coming out of my plugs.

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@Missiles I coulda woulda shoulda got a heat mat to warm the “soil”. If it was warmer, I think it would root faster. It can take 4 weeks to get enough roots to transplant into dirt. I have 4 different strains, and even within the same strain, some will be faster or slower. I’ve also considered building an aero spray bucket, with drip irrigation micro sprayers.


Coming out of the closet.

Clones started in dirt on March 8, now at 6 weeks. Getting crowded in the grow room.
May 10th daylight length will hit 14 hours; that was my target for moving outdoors into natural light. But today was a good day to get it done.

These were crowded and compressed. Now I need to open them up and train them so more light gets to the veg.

This is now an outdoor grow, and will continue to veg until they naturally go into flower cycle.

I took clones from these and starting to see roots in the rockwool. Lost alot of cuttings to damping off. The Grodan rockwool cubes were totally soaked and I don’t think I will be using rockwool again, just go directly into dirt next time.



Transplanted clones to dirt at 23 days. Out of 25 cuttings, I have roots on 11. So 14 cuttings damped off before rooting. I may lose more before new veg growth starts. On the damped off clones, the rockwool cubes were totally soaked with water, no air. Note to myself: cut clones go directly in starter soil.

Today I have:
4 Napali Pink
5 Chocolate Tonic CBD
2 Guava Jelly CBD

None of my Hades OG cuttings made it. All damped off.

For those that make it, I expect to veg for 10 weeks until mid July, when photo strains should start flower cycle.

I spray the leaves a couple times each day.

Clone update at 6 weeks.
After a week of rain and wind, finally got a sunny day to transplant my clones from 4 inch pots to 10 gallon pots (10, 7, and 5 gallons). 12 pots took alot of soil, and I had to buy more 10 gallon pots.

My mix was EB Stone Ultimate organic (details above in this thread), worm casings, dolomite lime, Ironite, and gypsum. Soaked for about a week.

Roots. I use vitamin B1 and aloe vera pulp in the transplant water.

Need to arrange pots in sunny spots on my property. The big plants in front are mothers of these clones.

Other mothers.

Had to order another pH meter on Amazon (the Vantacool). My old one is still giving almost correct pH readings but the temperature is always 99 degrees. I check mine against calibration every time I use it.

Seeing moths in the garden, trying to get them with a tennis racket.


Are you using a Prince oversized head or a more traditional Wilson? Graphite or Wood? Synthetic strings?

Also, are you spraying BT for the moths? It’s working for me so far.

Those are going to be HUGE!