Northern California, 2018 outdoor grow


I think it’s good news to have staggered harvest :grinning: @Budlite

Your plants are healthy and Tall. Wonder how tall they’ll be in August.

Mid June, the switch flips and the triple digits settle in. :fire:


@Budlite how is the smell at 11 weeks on the Hades OG? Im thinking about starting a grow this week before it’s way too late. I was going to pick up some dark heart Hades OG clones. I don’t want to upset any neighbors though! :sweat_smile:

Awesome work by the way! Those are looking great!


@Growingkoala I’m not getting much smell during veg from the Hades or other strains that I’m growing. The skunky smell will come out in late flowering.

Humbolt Seed Company expects the Hades OG genetics to be a top shelf strain.
It’s not too late for an outdoor grow in Northern California. Natural daylight will drop to 12 hours in September, so you should get 2 months of veg, depending on the weather, pests, fire storms, volcanic activity, or police raids.


First week of July I’m finding cocoons and caterpillars.
Sprayed immediately with Spinosad. I hate bud rot.


Update at 14 weeks.

Gorilla Glue 4

Hades OG

The White. Flowering early.

Northern Lights. My problem child, the runt.
This is now almost as tall as the other plants, but smaller leaves, very light green color.


Transplanted my clones. I have knee surgery this week and needed to get this done now. I’ll be tending to these on crutches, need them in their final pots and positions.

Roots are just starting to reach the cup walls. I have been hardening these in full sun for few hours each day. They are outdoors during the night.

In 10 gallon, 7 gallon, and 5 gallon pots. This is 5 Hades OG and 4 Gorilla Glue.
In natural light, I hope these veg until September (7-8 weeks) then harvest in …November.
Yes, these are late to the party, but I hope for some small harvest.


Update July 26:

Gorilla Glue 4

Hades OG

Northern Lights, my runt.

The White, in flower.

The White, buds starting to bulk up.


Trim from lower and inner branches.

This morning’s harvest;


Oh yeah, and my clones are growing and should have good roots now.


Everything is looking really good @Budlite. Thick and bushy. We are a bit more than halfway to the finish line.

Hot and smoky here and I imagine all over the north country right now. Keep thos girls watered good. They are looking great.


@mulegal Yes, I water frequently. One of my plants is a Hades OG, and wilts quickly for some reason; same soil and watering as the others. I’m in the South Bay area, so the ocean effect keeps us away from triple digits. It’s been in the 80’s this week. I run city water into 5 gallon buckets, then let it sit while the chlorine fades. I balance the pH and maybe add some CalMag. Not much work involved right now, but I’m hauling buckets of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash out of the vegtable gardens. Trying to keep the birds and squirrels out unsuccessfully.

Hoping to avoid bugs and mold problems this year, sprayed a few times for caterpillars. One of my plants is in flower, and will probably be harvested before September. The others are going to need to withstand rain in October and November.


80’s sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m in Triple digits plus smoke and particulate from Carr fire. Your plants are looking great.

I’ve had no trouble with insects so far and hope to keep it that way. I spray BT weekly to keep those caterpillars away. HCG taught me that trick.


I wonder if the smoke from the fires is inhibiting insects. A smokey campfire keeps mosquitoes away.


Update for September. I started 4 original plants in April, then cut clones in June.

Harvested The White, which may have been an Auto.

Gorilla Glue starting to flower. Just reaching the top of a tomato cage.

Hades OG, a little taller than the Gorilla Glue.

Surprise! The Runt, an anemic Northern Lights, is far taller than my other plants. Still has small light colored leaves. Not expecting much bud development, but we are often surprised by our runt plants.

My clones, cut in June, probably done with veg growth and starting to flower in September. There are 5 Hades OG and 4 Gorilla Glue.

Added a hoop house over my raised bed vegetable garden. This was to keep the birds and squirrels out, after they ate half my tomatoes. This was easy to build, and the PVC was leftover (free) from another project.


Looking good. My dogs keep the squirrels out of my yard.


Got about 10 ounces of trimmed buds from my harvest of The White.


love that Deshutes IPA! Congrats on the harvest…


Update, mid October.

Moved my plants around since they are in pots, rotated and getting more light.

These are my Gorilla Glue clones, no amber yet.

Some buds.

Harvested 4 Hades OG showing amber trichomes, cut it all.
I still have 3 Gorilla Glue that need another week. Also a Northern Lights that’s running late.


Wash water, and rinse water after 4 plants.


This my “Runt” Northern Lights from ILGM seed. Taller than I am. Maybe harvest on Halloween.