Northern California, 2018 outdoor grow


@Budlite Nice job! I love to work with wood but don’t. Put your ‘tools’ on ‘artistry under the influence’ in The Green Room! Go up to the right hand corner and hit the search thing and check it out!


Update: Our days are 14 hours long, and growing. Moved my plants outdoors.

From far left to near right, Gorilla Glue 4, Northern Lights, Hades OG, and The White.

Using tomato cages for support and a place to tie string. Expect to see colas well above the top of the cage, and don’t want the wind to snap them over. The downside is birds love to perch on the top metal ring, and poop on the plants.


Gorilla Glue from a clone purchased April 5.


Bird poop is inevitable which is why I’m going to try washing my outdoor harvest this year :grin: But you just can’t beat free light. Maybe try hanging some wind chimes on shepherd hooks in between the plants :thinking:


@Budlite and @SmoknGranny Birds eat bugs and believe me bugs are worse than bird doodoo! I have my own private stash of birds:) A mockingbird and family and a dove family that both are here every year. They have sparkley bird tape on halographic so movement sends colors all over and it makes noise birds don’t like.


I agree. Bug poop is definitely yucky. Either should be washed off and hopefully all the spider webs :grin: I, personally, don’t try to deter birds other than no longer putting out feeders. My outdoor cats would stake out the feeding stations and take advantage of the situation.


I don’t mind the bird poop. I spray it off. The birds are there to eat the bugs, and I prefer birds to bugs.


Me too :+1: I actually encourage barn swallows to nest around my house. I miss putting out my feeders but my outdoor cats are good hunters and I want them going after moles and mice, not birds.


Update at 8 weeks. Cut 5 clones from my Gorilla Glue and 5 clones from Hades.
Vegging well, no bugs or mold (yet).

Gorilla Glue at 8 weeks, from a clone.

Hades at 8 weeks from clone.

The White at 8 weeks, from a clone.

My problem child. Northern Lights from ILGM seed. I had a weird folding leaf problem for the first couple nodes. I have another thread topic on this “Sick seedling”.
Seems to have cleared up, and I have High Hopes that another 2 months of veg will catch up to my Gifted Children.


Here’s my cloning setup.

That’s 5 Gorilla Glue clones and 5 Hades clones. In AO rockwool cubes, rooting gel, foliar spraying a couple times a day. I give them a taste of real sunlight once in a while.

I have them crowded in a second plastic tray. I may need to spread them out a little.
The rockwool was soaked in mild nutrient solution at 5.5 pH before planting. Otherwise, no treatments.


Everyone is looking good @Budlite. mine are about same age and I have one that’s lagging a bit. They are handling this heat just fine. Thirsty though, mighty thirsty.


Thanks for the clone set-up. I’ve never cloned anything. That looks like a good system.


What kind of light are you using in your clone box? Everything looks great! :+1:


@elheffe702 That clone light is just a CFL twisty bulb in a clip-on reflector. I have some tubular fluorescent undercabinet lights from my kitchen when I upgraded to LED strips. I might “install” an 18 inch undercab fixture in my plastic cloning bin. But the plan is to grow roots and move them out in a week, so maybe not worth the effort.

@mulegal Cloning is pretty easy, and cheaper than buying seeds. I don’t have a specific Mother plant. I usually trim off most of the lower stems anyway, so it just makes sense to propagate new plants. That said, I seem to have alot of clones die off before I can transplant them. The downside is it’s the same strain, and maybe you want to try something different.

An improvement I could make would be to add a heat pad under the clones. But I clone indoors, daytime temp is in the 70’s, night time temp is in the 60’s, maybe down in the 50’s sometimes.


Thanks for the info. I’m still only on my second grow and have been thinking that cloning might be too advanced. Maybe not. New things are good


@mulegal Cloning can be as basic as clipping the tip off a plant, sticking it in a jar on water on a window sill, and waiting for roots to grow. It helps to use rockwool cubes and rooting gel. Since clippings have no roots, you need to spray mist them so they get moisture through the leaves. Read the topic “Cloning with aloe vera” by @Mrcrabs.


Hello. @Budlite Nice setup, are they just in rockwool, I have never tried that. Since I live in a sub tropical climate (high humidity)I don’t use a humidity dome.They have damped off on me in the past, Just a little mist here and there and they are fine. What is your avg , humidity ? Mine is from 55% to 70% I will. bE tagging along, if that ok, clones looking good. Keep up the good work


Yes I have rooted cuttings of other plants. Not sure why I’d be intimidated about doing so with weed.

Thanks @Budlite and I sure will checkout @Mrcrabs topic.


Update at 11 weeks.

Gorilla Glue 4 (zucchini and cucumbers in the background)

Hades OG

The White; Starting to flower at 10 weeks.

The is a clone of The White, from Harborside Dispensary, presumed from Dark Heart Nursery.
Looks like an Auto! Flowers starting at 10 weeks.

Mid June, longest days of the year, Northern California. I expected to veg until August.
I guess the good news is I’ll be harvesting this one early before the others. Bad news is it will be a small harvest. Other good news is I’ll harvest before the rains start, and avoid mold problems.

Also, good that I didn’t cut clones from this one. I don’t clone autos.


Here’s my problem child at 11 weeks.

Northern Lights from ILGM seed. Healthy but small. We are getting some hot weather now, and I’m still hoping for a growth spurt, soon, real soon.