Northern California, 2017 Blue Dream

This is more of a Summary than a Journal of my Northern California 2017 Blue Dream outdoor grow.

I had an indoor grow last winter, and took clones from a Blue Dream mother. These became my summer outdoor grow. The original source of my Blue Dream is seeds from ILGM. I ended up with 4 mature plants at harvest.

3/25/2017 Cut Blue Dream clones from my indoor grow.
6/29/2017 Transplanted to 7 gallon planters. My soil was bags of organic mix (mostly peat), lime, Ironite, bat guano, worm casings, and composted chicken manure.
9/15/2017 Started seeing caterpillars. Picked off one or two a day until I got 6 on one plant. Then sprayed with Bt-k (Spinosad) several times. Caterpillers gone, but now seeing bud rot on my bigger colas. We had a couple rains that wet the buds.
10/10/2017 First harvest. Cut the upper colas, but left the lower branches to keep growing. Soaked all harvest in diluted hydrogen peroxide, then rinsed, and hung to drip dry. Moved to string hangers in my garage, trimmed some fan leaves, let hang dry for 10 days.
10/20/2017 Dry colas weighed 4 pounds 6 ounces before trimming.
11/11/2017 Second harvest. Cut the remaining colas and popcorn buds. No bud rot on these smaller buds. Wet weight is 13 ounces.
11/11/2017 Final trimmed buds weighed 2 pounds 7 ounces from 4 outdoor plants.

Two weeks before harvest. One of 4 Blue Dream plants.

Here’s a few nice colas.

Here’s the rest. Almost 4 1/2 pounds of dried colas. Not trimmed yet.

Disinfecting and rinse before hanging.

Drying for 10 days in garage air.

Lessons learned:
I was slow to remove and treat the bud rot, so I threw out a lot of moldy buds.
When the buds are getting large and dense, I need to keep them dry and protected.
I need to keep the heavy colas from bending over and snapping in the wind.

I started my next indoor grow. Harvest will be around the Superbowl. Growing 3 strains: Dream Queen (Green Crack), SFV OG, and Sour Diesel Lemon. I’ll open a new Journal topic for those.


Escellent thanks @Budlite Let us know how you like the BD when you try it! Not a bad harvest from 4 plants!


Thanks, yes I like Blue Dream and I like growing it. This was my best harvest yield, but it took over 11 weeks of full sun outdoor exposure in Northern California.


This is wonderful absolutely wonderful…
Great job !!!

damn I wish I could grow outdoors


Thanks for posting this. I found it very informative and it helps me with my plans for my outdoor spring Grow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why do you disinfect? Never ever heard of someone doing that, nice looking buds. @Budlite

@anon78295680 After I cut my harvest, I dip the branches in diluted hydrogen peroxide to disinfect them, then dip in a rinse, then hang to dry. I use large plastic storage bins.

I mix 8 ounces of H2O2 in 5 gallons of water. I submerge the cut colas and buds for about 5 minutes, with a clean metal rack to hold them under. This kills powdery mildew, spores, tiny bugs, and washes off dirt and bird poop. If you do it once, and see what washes off your weed, you will probably always disinfect.


Would you please explain the process you use for disinfecting? I’m a first timer and have never heard of doing this? Do you do this for indoor grows also?

Here’s a video of it being done.

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