Northeast Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Auto, Gorilla Grow

So it’s been a great while but, I couldn’t resist Roberts offer of 10 great beans.
If you don’t know me or remember, I Love outdoor Gorilla growing but alas, college has kept me away from my Family here at ILGM and one of my favorite hobbies.
With plenty of time left to get the grow on, and with some new growing equipment things will be on their way very soon. The beans are in the water today and the outdoor site has been prepared.
So excited for this one in a special way as that I’ll be growing in my Favorite place and the same area that gave me a BOM winner in October of 2016 !!
So hello to all, so glad to be back!!
As I said earlier, I had been given some new stuff, a grow light was given to me which I thought was quite interesting, I’m gonna post some pics, I’ll be using this to start my Baby’s.

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Welcome back! I have 4 of those. I almost screwed myself with using them as side lighting in flower. Mine don’t turn all the way off, lol. Obviously in seedling and veg that don’t matter. You can see one of the strips stay dimly lit when off

Hey @Bobbydigital,
Any information is greatly appreciated,
My plants will only see about 1 1/2- 2 weeks of this light then out they go, they’ll be getting some serious sun through the afternoon hours for the 7-9 weeks of growing.
It’s kinda funny, that I was thinking about buying another for an indoor grow through the winter.
It actually stated on the box to use 2 lights for optimal growing, and stated Cannabis on the box also, check out the pics!! Lol

Yeah those are the same ones I have. Grabbed them originally for basil, thyme, cilantro and thought it was funny it said cannabis on them. They didn’t affect my plants negatively as I caught it immediately and pulled the lights out. If I hadn’t, that low light would have caused a hermie for sure. I didn’t need them, just thought since I had them it wouldn’t hurt to throw them in for side lighting. For seedlings I use just one and keep it about 4-5” away. Anything more and the plants tend to stretch.

This is how I had them set up and the timer clicked off while I was still in there. That’s how I caught it.

Very nice, I’m just using it for starting but was thinking that if I like it I may get another for an indoor auto grow, something I’ve never done before!!

Hey buddy welcome back in set to watching

Hey @Mrcrabs ,
Thanks for the Hello,
Just saying hello to all , it’ll be a few days before I get started as I just plopped my beans in a glass of water but if you never seen a gorilla grow ya may wanna come along for the ride, I’ll tell ya all about how I go about this just outside of the city limits, Tons of fun and some fishing too !!

sounds awsome im buckled in, love gorilla growing my self

Excellent, we’ll have much fun to discuss *

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Didnt have much luck last year , a flash flood took my grow, this year im just growin two plants in the corner of my yard

Last year wasn’t too much better for me either, lost 4 out of 5 plants due to travel and school schedules, I’ll be there for this grow!!
Only doing 2-3 plants myself this grow.

Good luck on your adventure, i planted close to the river for easy water access, but you know when mother nature strike, they aint much we can do

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So it’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m not too happy, 5 out of 7 beans didn’t germinate or pop .
I have two doing very nicely outdoors now and seems that they will be growing well throughout the grow.
I’m seriously thinking of contacting ILGM about sending me the 5 seeds that didn’t germinate. This would be a First for me asking this.
I’ve bought quite a few from them in the past and of course a couple didn’t Pop, I wasn’t too concerned, but 5 out of 10 isn’t a good ratio for me.
If anyone has any input on this type of matter I sure would appreciate any advice. @ILGM.Zoe
So here’s a few pics of my babies

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Ilgm claim to have excellent customer service and a satisfaction guaranteed company ethos. Im sure they will compensate you for the “non poppers” they supplied you. If they shrug you off and you feel cheeted, threaten to shame on SM that usually sends a red flag to the marketing department. But I doubt Ilgm will not compensate especially if like you say you are a return customer and as we see on their forum.
Get your moneys worth and demand refund.

You will not get a refund, you will get replacement seeds. No need to go all hostile, ILGM has excellent customer service, they’ll do him right.

@FyshhTrap go to ILGM website, then contact, email them exact method of germination, pictures if avail (I document everything) of failed seeds and your order number.

See, told you they will compensate.