North Carolina Shine

Freezing it after the initial straining, then filtering it multiple times really gets all those lipids and such out of the your final product. When you freeze it, all that stuff solidifies on the bottom, so when you pour it out to filter it, most of it doesn’t even come out of the jar. The stuff that does is ice cold, so it stays crystallized enough that it doesn’t reliquify and go through your filter

I used to not bother with that part, but after I did it once, I realized how much cleaner it made the final product. Again, it’s not necessary, but it does help.


Good morning, @blackthumbbetty I have a question . How long do you normally leave in jar before first straining. And how long do you leave in freezer before second straining. Thanks,

I do a quick wash. Some leave it in for hours or days, but it really doesn’t need longer than an hour.

After the first straining, try to freeze it for at least 24hrs, just to ensure the solution does reach freezing temps.

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Thank you very much @blackthumbbetty , my Curious mind has one more thought, with the finished product do you add anything for flavor or taste.

Depends what I’m using it for.

For edibles, no.

For tincture, yes.

For dab, no.

For vape carts, it depends.

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Thank you for your response, tincture

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@blackthumbbetty Was wondering on this alcohol tincture , do you have to decarb? or just do all the above?

That’s the basic tincture method. If you want to get the full THC or CBD effects, definitely decarb.

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Thank you for that straight forward directions! Your the greatest! Copied and pasted into word for later use, only 2 weeks into flower atm.

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That yellow stuff is wax/lipids/etc, that I didn’t filter out. That is the basic, basic method. From there, you can really tweak it.

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