Nortern lights Maui Wowie flowering

Some one asked for pics so here is my NL+ Maui clones in garage. The screens is 40" wide and 7.5’ deep together 1000w hps double ended over one screen regular 1000w hps over other. NL in background Maui in front. Today is 29th day of 12/12.


4 1/2 weeks into flower and today the back plant under the double ended 1000w hps got some sunburn. I raised the lights and took off a couple of the burnt leaves. Only 3 or 4 of the tallest colas got burnt. Nothing else to do but raise the light correct? Leave the other toasted leaves? Pull them?

@Covertgrower @dbrn32 I raised the lights and was ok for a few days then I got a few more looking the same. Is it light burn? It is in a 2 car garage in a corner. I dont have a fan. First flower went great this one a little different. I have the wife picking up an oscillating fan on her way home.

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Yes that’s light burn @RAP you can tie a cola down gently (especially careful of they’ve hardened off) to reduce height if you can.

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Looks like light damage, a lot of times when you see that it because there was leaf damage from a deficiency or ph issue. Which ends up making the leaves a little more susceptible to light damage. Take a look a little further down your plant and see if you notice anything of similar pattern that’s not all bleached out like that.

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@Covertgrower @dbrn32 Yes there is a little bit on some leaves. The fert. was going in at 4.5pH. I have since gotten ph up and I used sledge hammer flush and now all the water with fert is going in at 6.5pH. When there is just water it is out of the tap at 6.5ph. Pure 6.5 ro water for run off the other day before the flush was 5.6pH and 600ppm I have not tested yet since flush.

It is at 5 weeks flowering today. Other than the burn and ph issues it actually has some really nice buds and colas as you can see in the pics from last week. The original plants I ended up with 8 oz of good bud. From the looks of these clones I will do as good or better in harvest. The resin glands are starting to cover everything. I expect like last harvest for them to start to enlarge a bit. And spread :smiley: I will drill like last time and finish like last time and hope all works out well.

Thanks for your help


Ok since then I have the ph up and when using just water I know it is at 6.5pH. I did a flush with sledgehammer a couple three weeks ago but not properly. I had a drip pan so it sucked the overflow back in. Grow and learn :slightly_smiling_face:

So as the light burn on leafs keeps appearing and the light is definitely high enough I think of what @dbrn32 said and it can be from pH issue or deficiency. Now that ph is controlled and yesterday I did a 2 gallon flush on each plant with Sledgehammer, what is my next step? Should I water again today with clear water?

How long if any time will I see a difference in the leafs? I will be at 6 weeks flowering tomorrow the 13th of March. I am just trying to learn from my mistakes on this flower so it will not happen on the next. I figure 2-3 weeks max till the end.

Should I fertilize with phosphorus again? Keep watering to the end with ph water?

Hope you guys can answer these questions with out pics. I am going to post some pics of the new grows on the other threads and hopefully eliminate all these deficiencies.

Thanks Rick

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There has to be pictures, for the most accurate comment.
If you flushed, then you can feed. Usually you feed with more than just Phosphorus. @RAP

To add to that, those damaged leaves won’t repair themselves either. You’ll have to watch your newer growth for signs of the issue remaining.

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Thanks guys. But since there is only 2 more weeks left I will fertilize one more time and then just water to finish. No pics. I wont see any new growth I am sure. I will pic and ask on the Maui x LSD and the GL and LSD grows and if I keep them the BBK-Blue Dr- Cal Dr.

At two weeks from finish you shouldn’t be adding any nitrogen to them, just a PK fertilizer if any

Drilled the stalks and gave 6.5pH water today. There is so many leafs up the colas that look like sunburn I am embarrassed to show you a pic. The colas are getting large and the glands are mostly clear with a possible cloudy here and there. The Northern Lights is showing more despair than the Maui at this time.
I may just use 6.5pH RO water to the end. We will see how it goes.

Here is a shot this morning in the dark with camera flash. I have some ugly embarrassing but giant, solid buds. The one sticking up by the painters tape I cannot close my hand around it and its almost a foot long. The resin glands are getting thick and sticky clear and cloudy, maybe 1/2 and 1/2. I figure 2 more weeks. I flushed them well the last week and used Sledghammer. Then watered with clear RO 6.5 water twice and yesterday gave Superbloom @1200ppm and added 1.5ml Cal mag to 3 qts water each. I am planing just plain water from here to the end. Is that a good idea?

On the other grows the Maui x LSD and GL and LSD are looking great. The BBK, Cal Dream, and Blue Dream seedlings also look great. Hoping that what I learned here on this forum with you guys and with the first two grows trial and errors, they will look awesome to the end.

@dbrn32 @Covertgrower


Looking good @RAP


Best I can tell, if you were planning on going last couple of weeks without feeding, you’re probably inside of that window


@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @boardsbird Received my digital microscope yesterday. Tried it out today just as the 1000w hps came on. Took these just hand held with the leds on camera at full. Last pics with cameras leds off. Going to figure out a holder for better pics but would like your opinion on progress from what you can see now. Are they ready to harvest?

Any tips on taking pics with the micro would be greatly appreciated :sunglasses:


The first 3 look a lot sharper on originals?

Difficult to see, a bit blurry. But through the blur I’m still seeing a lot of clear.

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Yeah I think one has mostly clear and the other starting to be cloudy. Sorry about the pics. Just the excitement of a new toy. I will play with it this weekend and figure it out.

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Looks about right to me, still have a little bit.

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