Normal leafs? 3 weeks into flower

for three weeks; look great!


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Picture little blurry cause I left the fan on lol figured this was normal for leafs to do hey

Those are the first tru leaves that a plant gets. They tell you that you have gone from seedling into veg. Looks like you flipped them WAAAY too early. Btw, You’re not into flowering yet. Looks to be about mid transition.


Using just 12/12 from clone and seed once rooted , so I tested a few different systems, pot size and type, also fired them all into flowering at different points to see best results

3 12/12 from clone
2 12/12 from seed
1 is FIM
One will be lollipopped


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A photo on 12/12 from seed - the plant will think that it sprouted too late. It will only grow a tiny bit then immediately start flowering. It does this as a last ditch effort, just trying to get pollinated before it dies.


I’ve read way to much to buy into your tiny bit theory lol going for massive cola straight 12/12. Look it up :+1:

I’m more of a open minded kind of guy. :+1:

Congrats :+1:

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I’m messaging in the novice section for a reason lol maybe you should pop down to the 2 litre plus bud section :+1:

@Sutton the three fingered clones happen on occasion, if they were to be vegged longer they would have gotten their normal leaves back.
Going straight into 12/12 isn’t wrong, and it’s been done plenty of times, but this is why there are kind of weird leaves.
@Budbrother Happy anniversary!
Happy growing! Peace :peace_symbol:


Yeah I had the light cycles messed up for awhile too so I think that messed the leafs up, what about the yellow tips on a leaf here and there or half yellow leaf? Just part of the process ?

Yeah I’ve asked a lot of questions and had many different ideas and have got nothing but respect and knowledge given to me, first time running into this lol

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Have you tried it? I think it will grow until sexually mature (at least 4 weeks but probably longer) and then flower out fine.


Growers, growers please…grow nice. I hate to be a cliche machine here, but we’re all on the same side. 30 different growers will have 30 different growing styles, all that counts in the end is the bud! Engage each other, don’t shut down ideas.

@Budbrother Some posts were deleted so I didn’t see the whole, but based on what I’ve been told you’re correct. I spent 2 - 30 minutes sessions talking with a 20 years experience grower over at Advanced Nutrients and he pretty much said what you said…‘you can flip a plant to flower at any point. You can in fact do it immediately after seedling, but you’ll only get about a 1/4 ounce.’ He went so far as to suggest a 3’x3’ growing board, drill a grid of plant sized holes and just drop a bunch of seeds. (<~~ I’m not doing that but…) That guy is the reason I’m using ProMix and not “other”.

But back to the original point, we’ll find out in a few weeks!


YeH I wanted to see different grow results, few of the plants been vegging for 6 weeks and the smaller ones are straight 12/12 from see. I’ll take some good pics of the late flower and harvest and post for sure :+1:

I’m low on space and work out of town 7 days At a time so I need low maintenance free pot lol

Thinking I’m going to grow 10 clones let them root take top 6 and veg for 2 weeks than toss it into 12/12 after this grow is done