Normal flush yellow or calcium def?

Hey guys started 5 photos and have harvested 3 already 2 were amber week 8 1/2ish 1 was right a 10weeks and these two I vegged two weeks longer started flush about a week ago they are super sparkly but bud desinty is quite there one these two like the others but man do they smell and look wonderful should I let them go few more weeks got a lot of milk and some clear left hopefully they thicken up a bit


3rd or 4th photo shows the yelllowing I was asking about cal def

What strsins are you growing looks like 4 differnt onwith very diff flowering times

All are same strand 2 diff Phenos for sure 3 of them look identical and the other two are sparkly little nuggets lol

The plant in the first picture shows signs of foxtailing. The 5th and 6th pictures clearly show the foxtailing.

I believe the fox tailed plant is done.

Sorry these are tho only two left the rest have been cut other the. My baby sorry for photo bomb lol two girls left are the sparkly ones with manyyyyyy smalll buds the other three with the fattiest have been cut avg around 200g a plant