Normal budding or seeds?

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First time growing. 5 weeks into flower and this is how all the buds are looking now. Cut one off, no seed inside, just juicy. But looked like a seed shell was in there. Is this normal or will there be seeds?

I’m not a complete pro. But it looks like it’s a fem. Honestly, after years of just smoking, before I started learning about growing, sometimes bugs look like seed shells. Then you break it open and it’s just a fluffy flower. I think you’re good. BUT… maybe a pro grower could tell you if I’m correct or not. Lol.

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If it has any seeds, you will see a white shell inside. Mine you can see most of the seeds. Others that hadn’t opened up you can tell by feel. Squeeze very gently and you will know.

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More pics


@ShannonBlaze What size tent you got there? Nice canopy!!
Happy Growing!!

It is a 4x8 ft tent. Thanks :slight_smile: