Normal beginning smell?

I cut my plant and have it hanging , with my trim job done. Is it normal for it to smell more like plant than marijuana at first? Because i personally would love to get its marijuana odor back.

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Once you dry it, then you need to cure it and the smells will come back.

How To cure-

First dry for 5 to 7 days, then put buds in jars and burp 2 to 3 times a day for at least one month. You will notice the smell turning from a wet hay smell back to the smell you are looking for.

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Thank the gods. I thought it was up to 14 days for drying. Like 2 weeksish. Idk. But thank the gods. How long for burping? Ive seen varied times so im looking for an average. Since the strain is unknown.

As @MAXHeadRoom stated four weeks for best results. Some cure two-three weeks but the longer the better

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Noo i mean how long should i burp them for everytime i open the jar each day. Like half an hour every time, 3 times a day?

Drying time can vary a little with the environmental conditions. But if you’re drying for 2 weeks the length of time will probably be least of your worries. Under reasonable conditions, it’s a week give or take a couple days.

I will give you an example of what I did on this last grow.

I harvested my plants and hung them to dry in my basement, because of the time of year where I am, winter,it is very dry and it only took 5 days to dry. That means the outside of the bud was a little crispy to the touch. Then I cut my buds off the stems and put them in Quart size ball jars.
What this does is draw the moisture from inside the bud to the outside. Also called sweating. Now the outside of the bud will not feel crispy anymore and should feel moist. The moisture from the buds will escape when you open the jars.Leave the jars open a few minutes to allow the moisture to escape. When you open the jars immediately smell the contents. At first it may smell like wet hay, but the longer you go the better the smell will get. After about 4 weeks they should be cured but the longer you go the better they will get.

For storage I use Boveda 62%packs.

I hope this answers your question. :sunglasses:


@MAXHeadRoom What is the relative humidity? How dry is dry? :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: in your basement, I mean.
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20% to 30%