Normal 2 week flower?

This will be my first flowering and I’m curious if the flower size is average or not for two weeks into flower. Sour diesel is the strain, organic grow, and it’s in soil. Anyone have experience with this strain?


Hard to tell under the purple lol. Has it been 2 weeks since you went to 12/12? It looks like it. That 2 weeks doesn’t really count towards total time in flower FYI. It’s more of a transition for the plant. Based on that it looks fine.


Looks like your going strong to me. That’s about the size my buds usually are around 2 weeks. They take off before you know it. :+1::call_me_hand::+1:


Well hmmm! Really?! That doesn’t count as part of the flower time? I definitely thought it was counting from the 12/12 switch, and that the transition was counted.

I wouldn’t count the first week as it’s a transition week. So I’d say they look good for a week.

@Legalinmaine As of today, my Bubblegum (fem) is also 2 weeks into flower (2 weeks from the switch to 12/12). Here is a pic for comparison.


Thanks. Do you count from switch or from a week or two?

I was just planning on watching the trichomes to determine when they’re done. Should I be more concerned with exact number of weeks because of the nutrient needs? They get roughly the same nutrients every time, plus minor changes in the tea for the different plant phases. As far as I know it’s all organic fertilization so I don’t need to flush towards the end of flower(unless I’m mistaken).

I’d say keep doing what you’re doing! They look healthy and happy.

Definitely normal. The first 2 weeks of flower are technically just a stretch phase. The following weeks are your actual flowering weeks.


Has anyone not seen this? I searched on here for it but didn’t see it.

I realize there is a transition period. However, for the sake of simplicity, I count from the switch to 12/12. My nutrients account for this in the feeding schedule. Since every plant is different I would not go by number of weeks to determine when to harvest. As you said, watch the trichomes. They will be your best gauge of when she is ready to harvest.

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Oh I had another question I almost forgot to ask.
Do you want as much stretching as possible in early flower? I think it would be good as it’s the bud base right? If it doesn’t stretch much it seems the buds would not be very long? Maybe they’re more dense(and wider)when shorter?
Is it mostly just genetics?

Actually, Can it be controlled with light distance, kind of like in veg?

Looked for this on here too, didn’t see this either. It might be a good newbie tool…

Based on what I see on my grows, it is better to have nodes close together that can grow into one big cola for that giant bud. I don’t know that it affects overall yield but it sure looks badass.


It looks great @Myfriendis410
I personally don’t count the first two weeks or so after switch to 12/12 as flower I consider those transition weeks i start count flower when the pistols show up that’s day 1 but looks great and tight nodes is a good thing lol
Good info @Legalinmaine nice link bro


I noticed that you have tiny tip discoloration(or maybe not)…it looks like mine. I also just heard that that means the plant wants more food, which might be possible in my case. I just asked about it, and posted photos in the plant nutrients category.
Have you heard of that? I’ve been thinking it might be normal, or that it was showing me that I had just the right amount of nutrients.

I have to share this photo… my friend that gave me the seeds for this grow sent me this. He’s all organic, in a greenhouse. I’ve seen tons of photos of plants and I don’t think I’ve seen any that look like this.

It looks like a damn amazon plant or something… I can’t wait to see the yield


I have to agree it sure looks healthy @Legalinmaine
Job well done I’d say

@Legalinmaine It’s very hard to tell under the led light. In my case, I believe it’s a small amount of nutrient burn. The tips are actually brown, not white as they appear in the picture. Her last feeding was about 200 ppm higher than previous feedings… and I feed twice a week.

Can you post a pic or two under natural lighting? That will help determine what is really going on. It may be nothing to worry about and you don’t want to make unnecessary changes. We often overthink things, especially when we first start growing.

I’m with @GrowManFitz I didn’t see post above your friends plant pic that’s the one I was referring to in my last post @Legalinmaine
Growman is on point with pic in natural light and I believe with the nute burn as well if they are brown just ph water for the next few waterings
Don’t stress it I burned mine as well because I didn’t follow flush recommendations from mfg :frowning:️ I thought I knew better then them hahahahhaha