Norcal, outdoor - too late to plant seeds?

Hi everyone,

Been searching all morning, can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Apologize in advance if the answers have been hiding on here all along.

I have been sick with, yes, the dreaded VIRUS now, since forever. Well enough now to at least sit up. So I’m thinking, why not try to grow something?! I’m in Northern California, Santa Clara. Dry and pretty hot.

Is it too late to plant seeds outdoors now? I want to do the whole grow outdoors.

Was searching for fast growing strains and found some that “autoflower in” or “have a flowering time of” 7-9 weeks. But what does that mean? Is that from when I stick the seed in the ground?

I’m looking for something fast growing, super noob friendly, minimal maintenance, with reasonably sized plants for this low-expectation experiment.

Any and all suggestions very much appreciated!

Take care and stay safe

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Welcome to the forum.

Flowering times given by the seed banks refer to time to ripen flowers in the flowering stage only. A strain that lists a flowering time of 8-weeks will ripen (give or take) 8 weeks from the time that flowers (pistils) first appear on the plant.

You may want to consider an autoflowering plant if you want a quick harvest outside, as photoperiod plants won’t start flowering until the day length where you are approaches 12 hours. It menas that if you grow a photo plant you won’t start flowering until some time in September. An auto will some time between 4 and 8 weeks after poking its head above soil.

White widow is a hearty strain. There are other strains that are equally hearty I’m sure others willl mention.

Thank you!

And thanks for the info, this is good stuff. I’m in no particular hurry, would just hate to see the seeds take and then run out of season. Gotta say, I was a little surprised to see how expensive the seeds are.

Ordering some White Widow now, maybe a mixpack, AK-47 and Lowryder.

My gardening skills are limited, to say the least. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Never too late, until it’s too late!

I’ve stared seeds outdoors as late as September/October.

Here is my planting schedule based on clones, for seeds add 4 weeks to the front end of these dates.

So cal outdoor grow schedule

Jan 1st = Harvest, Set out clones, Take cuts for next set of clones

March 15th = Repeat

June 1st = Repeat

Oct 15th = Repeat