Noobius 1st hydro grow


So i finally got the girls started for my 2nd grow. Got the bubble buckets done. Got half of my scrog screens ready. Working on the 2nd one. I figure since ill be doing this grow hydro id do a separate journal from the soil girls. So here goes.

This time im less worried about lights. I think that limited my yields last grow so im only doing the 2 girls. put seeds in water on the 2/12/18. One gold leaf, one purple haze using the advanced nutrients PH perfect nutrient line. Pretty excited to see how it turns out. These will make it into the tent as soon as the other girls finish flower. Ill put the link here in case anyone new to my journals cares to read back. Heres some pics, thanks for reading and happy growing!


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Nice you should tag Donaldj if you need assistance he does the hydro as well
Im a soil giy but ill be watching


Nice one dude, can’t wait to see how you go with this one! :+1: :smile:


I’ll be lurking. Just like @Countryboyjvd1971 I know just enough about hydro to be dangerous.


sorry for the long delay between updates, but the girls are doing well. im going to try to get some pics of the roots later tonight. but both have nice thick and long root balls coming off of them.


Feb 24th-

February 28th-

And then the girls got fimmed.
gold leaf march 5th-

Purple haze march 5th-


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Hey @noobius can’t help but ask while lurking.
The rockwool you started them in, do you remove that or leave it?
Looks like a great tent in the making!


i left it. its buried in the clay pebbles, could have been wrong in that, but thats what i did.


They look great @noobius. Love the mini time lapse.


forgot todays pics.
gold leaf march 9-

purple haze march 9-