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I’m a growing indoor in fabric pot Blueberry Auto
Using bottle/distilled water on window sill that get lots of sun. Temp is 75 to 80F wit 44-50% humidity.I am using a 2 gal.pot for pot kit. So super soil with coco husk topsoil.

From seed to sprout everthing seemed fine but now 1 month mark feels like growth has stalled. Think I made rookie mistake of overwatering. But my window gets good sun and topsoil is always dry. Not sure how much water to supply/how often. Tried finger test/and weight testing and cant seem to keep this lady happy. Went 4 long days without watering (surprisingly hard to do, felt guilty) Then she dropped I panicked and gave water. Now she’s turning yellow any help expertise welcome.

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That window is blocking vital UV lightning the plant needs.

Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.


Welcome to the community ! I would start by backfilling the pot a couple inches of soil to take care of the Stretching stem. And as @Zee mentioned you’re going to need more light to get it to the finish line. If possible put it outside or think about buying a good light. Snip the two little dead leafs off the bottom they’re going to fall off anyway.


Wow I didnt even think of that. Didnt realize the glass blocked the UVs. Thanks


Thank. pardon my ignorance back fill = dig deeper hole so root is further down into pot?

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Sorry , add a couple inches of dirt fill the pot up help support stem.

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@RudeSensi77 @kellydans means just top off the soil in the pot already. That will help with the stretching stem and give the plant more support. Also get a fan to gently move air over the plant to help make it stronger. You will need more light then that also, outside or make an investment into a quality light.