Noobie outdoor grow, LowRyder autoflowering


Wife and I were just talking about this and we decided I am going to experiment on my 4 plants. I am going to start flush on one plant a week (starting this week), harvest 1 week apart so I can experience the different effects of trich progression. Might as well, it’s my first grow and growing experience intrigues me.


@raustin, how long should I dry and age for? They don’t look like more than 1 oz maybe at most per plant.

*edit- and how do I go about flushing? Is it done on normal watering day? I am aware that I flush 3 times size of container so for me that’s 15 gals twice a week then chop?


Great idea, harvest one plant a week, then you’ll know for sure next time which one you like.

Normally, you dry from 5 to 7 days, once the stem snaps instead of bending.

You should do two flushes over two weeks time. Its probably best to flush on her watering day when she’s dry.


As far as the trics turning amber on the leaves, they will progress faster than the trics on the buds. So my advice there is to just focus on the buds.
As for a flush, even the word imply’s to dump a lot of water thru your plant. But this is the end of the run so I don’t do that. I just water for the last 2 (projected) weeks. My thinking is that by not flushing then the plant has the vital nutes it needs to bulk up the last two weeks when all the magic happens.
So my advice is just that, don’t “flush” but rather give a water only diet and let her be all that she can be!!!


The harvesting experiment has begun :grin::grin:
Cut the top but left new growth to see if/anything happens. This main cola is only about .5 oz wet.

How do I use the trimmed leaves full of trichs?
How do I infuse butter, anyone have a recipe?


Come along for another grow:

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Thursday, I culled my smallest plant for experimental purposes. No flushing, straight up cut her off but left some decent blooms at bottom (those have grown exponentially).

Since my crop was small, it dried hanging from my window sill. Several days later it was very dry feeling but not "stem snapping) dry but the buds were.

Result- very smooth and clean smoke. 3 good hits from small bowl resulted in a nice gray ash remaining. There is about a 10-15 minute delay before feeling effects. I can sit on recliner and rock back and forth rhythmically and let the mind go free or I can get up and work my horses. Either way, I get major relief from my chronic back pain.

I can’t wait until I do my main harvest in about 2 weeks. After this, I will have a hard time smoking the harsh crap I am restricted to.





3/5 WW popped this morning, my Lowryder girls still growing strong.

2 more weeks before I harvest these girls.