Noob won gx530a

I won this light in a contest never grown before and not sure what kind of build arounds I need to make this work for me and not burn down the shop I’m planning to grow in

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I have already ordered a 5x5x6.5 tent and AC infinity 6’’ to tie into existing ducting

Not sure about the light - 5x5 ? Damn everyone going hard this days- ac infinity is a staple and what ever tent should suffice, and welcome , you never want to cheap out on light … not sure about the light wait for better knowledge about that one :point_up:

@dbrn32 is our resident light guru and might be able to give you some insight on your light


Your light would be more suitable for something like 3x5’ space. Other than that, just depends on what all you plan on using. Most would find two 20a circuits pretty suitable for their needs. But if you plan on running air conditioning, large dehumidifier, or multiple lights may take a little more.

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Sweet thanks @dbrn32 for the help
I think the shop has a 25A plug in for the welder, with everything (lights ac and canopy fans) running off that braker you think 20a should be fine that’s good to hear

Most welding sockets are 240v, did you check to see if the plug is 120v or 240v?

Better to use a smaller 15-20amp circuit for the items you mentioned, and have another 20amp circuit for an air conditioner or heater, as needed.

Not a bad lookin light.

You may wanna reconsider that 5×5 tent. the Veg and Flower footprint are to small for a 5x5. Not that you couldn’t still use it in there its just that when your grow space exceeds your light footprint you loose out on the efficiency of your light to grow the plants in your tent which could result in the outer (2 feet in yourcase) of your grow tent to produce less then desired quality. Gratz on the win!

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Yes 120v 25a plug and other standard 120v plugs near by

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That is exactly the light thank you for the clarity.
With the light being 44’ long would the reflection on a 4x4 or 3x3 tent still utilize all the light if I hang the light diagonally. I’m growing at a friend’s and there is the concern of the large light giving off too much heat and burning shit down if there are any malfunctions

I am on my second grow so others will have better answers for you, flat out. That being said…

Long light, long tent. Also…Bright light, hot light
Gonna be some heat for sure. You MUST find someone, I recomend @dbrn32 (who has already commented in your thread), and ask about the requirements for the power draw for your light and the limits of the socket you are wanting to plug it into. I hear they are a light guru on this board. Don’t skimp on surge protectors and timers or anything else you will have to buy. That’s a pro light, right? Gotta have pro gear then. Tag me in your grow journal, yeah? Oh and try not to swear, its against board conduct rules. They are stickers here I have seen.
Welcome to the board. ILGM is pretty dope spot to learn to grow. Lotsa experts here.

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Awesome, love the feed back thanks for the swearing tip. I wanted to iron out these light issues before posting my total noob journal

Make it a part of your grow. Stage 1) win light! Success! Stage 2) learn about light. Success!
And so on and so on until the harvest. It will help you to track your progress. After completion, other noobs will be inspired by your Journal.

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