Noob with LED light question

I am attempting to grow an auto flower indoors for the first time. I am growing it in soil. I purchased a LED grow light from Home Depot. It is a RootFarm All Purpose Grow Light that puts out 45 watts. How far from the plant should the light be?

You can probably keep it about 12" away. You’re going to need more lighting than that

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Even some 5k 27w cfl’s would help supplement for now

How much more. Only gonna be the one plant for now.

you want to find something with a wider spectrum, Wattage honestly only matters for the power bill. I had some low watt lights and they kept my plants alive and when I finally upgrade to a cMH the plants instantly blew up in size. I would recommend a COB setup because I hear and have seen how cool they are or a cMH

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Yeah if you have the cash I would buy a quantam board or cob light. The Mars hydro is good for beginners Imo. They are pretty inexpensive. You could have the best light possible and still trash you’re grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thus though! Yes. Inexpensive led strip builds are $150~ and amazingly effective. Cobs are awesome as well. The Mars will grow you some weed but dont believe the ‘equivalent wattage’ hype. The two I mentioned a little higher are much more efficent. That light you mentioned at the start will probably get you through 2 weeks tho


Does anyone have any experience with the Mars eco 300w led grow light for beginners. Will be growing only one maybe two autoflowers at a time.

In all honesty, one of my DIY cheap flexible LED strip panels would probably do at least as well and at half the price…

Best spend a little more on a decent rigid strip build or COB’s

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No, but you can grow with that. At least it’s better that the led from Home Depot. You’re making progress :+1:t3:

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Mars is a good trusted brand and @anon35207245 you can believe mars claim. They claim that their 300w 130w at wall will replace a 250w hid

Can someone provide info about the led strip builds. I have never seen one and have no idea what I would need. Maybe point to a website that has what I would need

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There are DIY Lighting topics on here. That’s how I learned how to build a light. What size tent?

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You best look at the model he asked about again, they, Mars themselves, state that it can only replace a 150w HID. 116w on a LED that only replaces a 150w HID means my sub $40 build will be at least as good.

Unless you’re saying the manufacturer is telling lies, of course.

You are right. Replace 150w not 250w. Misremembered

That’s only that model, others make different claims, and when you get different models, and manufacturers, claiming better “equivalency” whilst pulling the same, or lower, wattage then it’s time to take every claim made by these manufacturers with an extremely large truckload of salt.

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I’m not a mars user myself. Just seen they have the realist claims

That’s the problem, they’re still just claims and many a person has been caught out by them. I’m not just pointing the finger at Mars, far from it as others are worse, but it is a real minefield for the newbie and I hate it when people are effectively being ripped off by marketing claims.

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