Noob with a pot for pot issue

Here is the pics of my lil girl. See last post to aid and assist me please.

![IMG_0564|375x500, 50%]


Yes this is QT-Cream Auto. Using a pot for pot system. I’m having issues with her growing. When she first sprouted I had her under 2-cfl 45w bulbs, then on day 7, I changed her over to LED MarsHydro tsw 2000 with 399ppfd and 2ft distance from light. I’m using purified bottle water with PH of 6.7. Her pic is showing her at day 9. She was stretching with the cfl’s but stopped with LED’s. I have her under a revolving fan to try and get her stem to thicken but these couple of days she seems to be frozen. The rH(day) is 65%; rH(night) is 62%. Temps(day) is 71F-74F; temp (night) is 64F-69F. I’m using a 6" fan inside of tent w/ humidifier, no C02. She’s standing tall and strong but I don’t know if I should transplant her or not. Please someone help me. I’m at a lost.

Patience is what you need. Let her be. She grows under the soil, too. Too small to transplant. She will need probably a coupe more weeks for that. Usually when they just start to show roots. Don’t over-water. Its ok for her to just do her thing.

So I decided to transplant her because, even though she stopped stretching, she was starting to lean heavy. This day 12 & her true leaves are growing but it seems slow. I removed the bottom of the jiffy pellet when I transplanted her & used the pellet soil on her stem to harden it. She’s been in her final home for 3 days now. I only mists her every few days. I lightly watered around her dixie cup for the first time since I transplanted her. I kept the humidifier outside of tent & have just been using a clear dixie on her. Now it seem that her leaves are getting brighter. The support ticket is the same.

Is she lacking anything for now?

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Looking good.

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