Noob.. what's going on with my plants?! Please help :(

Hi… I’m a noobie. I apologize if I’m doing this wrong…please forgive me.

I need help so bad. I can grow a garden beyond great… thought I’d be able to handle this no problem. Apparently not… without help anyway!
I have 3 different strains… Green Crack, Blackberry Dream & Bruce Bonner. They are under a T5 light in a super sprouter dome. 18/6 light schedule. I have recently transplanted them all from Peat Pods due to a slight gnat problem and stems were weak…they were laying down, although leaves looked healthy. A few also had stopped growing. They all are now in solo cups in black magic potting soil. I was using AN Piranha but have stopped and seems the roots weren’t really expanding with it. I am on day 16 (from start if germination to now) I really think something isn’t right. Please help!!! :cry:

How do I get these babies healthy or get them growing again? Should I move them in the tent under the kind XL 1000… would it benefit them more? Please help… my advanced appreciation!
Thank you!

Well first things first, welcome to the community!
Secondly, you shouldn’t be giving any type of nutrients yet. This could have caused your problem, you said you gave them AN piranha.
Lastly, the T5 should be as close as possible to those seedlings, and they should be supported by a skewer or something like that.
With that being said, they look like they’ll turn out fine and should perk up with just plain pHed water and a support to lean on, as well as a closer light if possible. I hope this helps you!


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And sorry I didn’t see that little paragraph you wrote at the end!
Definitely get them under that LED immediately. They need better lighting, it’s why they’ve stretched tall and fallen over. Supports, plain pHed water, and get em under the LED and you should be fine dude!

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Thanks for the welcome! And thank you so much for the help :wink:
I was giving them AN Piranha to them when told by a friend it was ok to go ahead immediately. While reading I was finding conflicting answers. Which is why I stopped.
For the stem support… should I use bread ties to skewers or what?
As for the light… are you familiar with this light? Should I stay on 18/6 schedule? Should I start it now till 11p and back on at 5a?
Thank you again for all your help. I’ve got new found hope :blush:


Toothpicks or anything to help them stand. I’m new but would also let a fan give them a gentle breeze. Helps strengthen the stem. You should be ok though. Not only the nutrients too early but they could be doing that from the transplant also.

And I personally would stay with the 18/6 until you are ready to flower.

Thank you so much for your reply as well.
Should I use bread ties or lil zip ties with support?
There are soo many different settings on this light I’m confused. Tried calling the Kind CS but they were closed. I have them in the tent under the LED now, but not sure if the regular setting is right. I do have a fan in there with them. Actually 2. Here’s what I have now. Is the light close enough now?
Thanks again! :blush:

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Also, they were like that prior to transplant :pensive:

Bread ties are fine, anything that won’t cut the plant (like bare wire). That’s a LOT of plants! Are you doing a SOG?


OMG!! Only 2 hours under the LED n they all are dying!!! HELP?! Is the Light too close?? What do I do now. It’s time for the light to be off…

Sorry, I don’t know much about T5s, but I’ve read 6-8", so that looks about right.

I know over watering is a common problem for seedlings, could that be it? If they’re droopy, but otherwise healthy, and the soil is dry, a little water will perk them right up. But I was over watering mine for the first few days until I got a moisture meter, and found out I was over doing it. I haven’t watered for 2 days now, and they all look great, and the meter says the soils still moist. Just a thought.

If you can post another pic and some close ups, others might have some better ideas. Good luck!

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Yea sativa you gotta back those LEDs up, get em at least 12" away, but better at 18" since they’re still new and experiencing so much stress. Fan isn’t necessary just yet, but won’t hurt. When were they watered last?
And when supporting them it doesn’t matter if you use a twist tie or even string to tie them up. Anything will help, and after a week or two it won’t be needed at all.

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^^^ What @ktreez420 said! :wink:

:cry::cry::cry: this is what they look like under the LED for 2 hours… they are gone. No coming back.

This is devastating. I was able to salvage a few, but will need to start the germination process again… :cry:

Yea I think they could have used some water before they went under the light.
But it’s just a learning experience. Everyone goes through things like this, so don’t be discouraged!
Just learn from what happened and try again! You will succeed!

Sorry to see this happen, glad you were able to save a few. Hopefully you can salvage them.

For what it’s worth, my first attempt at growing was back in March. I paid $70 for 7 seeds, and had no idea what I was doing. I drown 3 of them trying to germinate! The other 4 came up, but I just had them sitting in a window with 2 (completely worthless) 75W incandescent “plant lights.” I put them outside way too early, and heavy rains devastated them. I struggled trying to salvage them for 6 weeks, but they never got much bigger and eventually all died.

So I feel your pain! But this time around, I did my research, got better seeds (from ILGM), and have been getting GREAT advice from this forum. Keep posting pics and updates, and the folks here can guide you every step of the way to a prosperous grow!

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Hey guys, I’m back! Guess it locks you out… said I was talking too much lol.
I’ve germinated 7 more seeds using the paper towel method. I was very successful last time getting that far. I’m sure i’ll see some good roots tomorrow. I’ll post pics for sure! @ktreez… have yours popped yet? What kind are you growing? @kush pa … yea I suppose that many fail when they begin. Seems pretty common. Even when you think you have the best of equipment :pensive: Thanks again for the help you guys are awesome! :blush:


Sorry to butt in so late, but gnats are usually caused from to much moisture in your grow room, or most likely reason is because medium was to wet. Chances are they were laying down because of the roots getting rotted from being to wet. As for the led light being that close it probably killed them due to experiencing to intense of a light. I do however agree with @ktreez the led should be atleast 12-18" away from your plants especially when they are first sprouting.

Now the fan I disagree a constant light breeze for them is always good, helps keep the air moving and never still, and also works as a positive stress on the root system.

Again what leads me to thinking over watering was hint the gnats (usually when growing medium is to moist), and the leaves still appeared healthy and they layed over. That tells you not enough air moving through the grow room and your plants roots aren’t getting enough oxygen. A little tip if your plants stay wet or moist for to long the oxygen in the roots gets stagnant which begins root rot

Don’t get disencouraged though you’ll get the hang of it

Thanks for the reply! I welcome your advice! :blush: I’ve begun germination 2.0… I’ll be putting these directly in black magic potting soil in solo cups. Also straight into the tent and skipping the seed sprouter dome. Hopefully I won’t need to start again after this time unless it’s time to keep my rotation. Thank you again, much appreciated!