Noob to autos here , started with zkittlez

When they say 8 weeks , is it 8 weeks until
It starts to flower or 8 to harvest?

The estimate on flowering is how long it will need to flower under ideal conditions.
So if it starts to flower at 4 weeks old it will be 8 more weeks until finished.
However you should not expect and count on that. Its always longer under real life conditions.
9 to 12 weeks of flowering is probably more like it.

My last Auto went 110 days from pop to pot!!

Most places advertise seed to harvest in 8-10 weeks, but most of the autos I’ve seen veg for about 4 and then flower as long as the photo version of the strain would.

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Thanks , I’ve only done photos outside. Everything is looking good so far :metal:t3:

Hello welcome to the forum. A lot of great people to help you. Most autos run around 10-13 weeks from seed to harvest. One other bit of information you and @Green707Thumb might want to know. I AM THE GREATEST UN HUMAN BEING ON THIS FORUM. Peace out.


About 32 days

My 1st autos (also zkittles) took about 75-90 days total I bet I can shave that down to 50-75 if I get better at this

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I’m pretty happy with them so far , I’m gonna guess around 90 for these