Noob Q - What containers to use for nutrient solution?


Another noob question for you…what are the recommended vessels to use for mixing, storing, and applying the nutrient solution in? I haven’t used nutrient solution before so make no assumptions that I know anything. I have 4 plants. Thanks!


You don’t wanna mix nutes directly with other nutes. You should measure out what you need and dump into your water. Then do the same with the next nutrient. Use a small measuring spoon or something. Usually only need teaspoons worth anyway. I just use a sprayer that has a pump. I dump a gallon of water in a bucket, put the nutes in. Mix well. Ph to desired range. Then water those ladies.


I used to use 1 gallon spring water containers. You can dump your nutes in, add water, shake/mix and then pH. I now use earth juice nutes, so everything is bubbled in a 5 gallon bucket.

For most nutes you don’t want to store them after mixing. Mix what you need for just that day.


If you are using a 3 part nutrient solution, add the micro first. If using calmag too, add calmag first


I actually save our 2 gallon size cat litter containers and i store water in that to have the chlorine evaporate Etc then from there I pour that water into 1 gallon reused Arnold Palmer jugs. From there I pour my nutrients into the Arnold Palmer jugs shake, pH, Etc


Do you know if this is standard for all 3 parts or just whatever brand you’re using?

Reason I ask is because I was always taught to add your phosphate first. Regardless of the name on the bottle anyways. And the calmag, I think that depends on the nitrogen content of the chosen brand of calmag. A 15-0-0 would be treated differently than a nitrogen free calmag.


Not sure about all nutrient solution, but I know that the general hydroponic flora trio says that on their nutrient schedule


I’ve seen that as well. Understanding the process of why they tell you to do that can help a lot. Depending on your additives to base nutes can change that up a little. For instance something like a potassium silicate will cause others to bond to it really easily if not diluted in the mixture first. But if you know that and can pre dilute it in a little bit of water and have your nutrient solution mixed really well prior, you can actually use silica as a ph up at the end of your mixing.

Just saying there’s multiple ways to look at is all.


I wasn’t aware that there is an order to mix your nutrients in. It makes sense to me though. Thank you for explaining it. I’ll have to look into this or if anyone knows the rule of thumb of what order? Thank you for the post I’ll try and follow up on some of this if I can. Have a good morning everyone


I like using a shot glass i shake up my nutrient bottle first then pour some in the shot glass. I then use a oral syringe that has teaspoons on one side and milliters on the other that is how i measure how much i use for my 1 gallon water jugs. It seems easier and less messy than using teaspoons and measuring cups. Then rinse everything out when you’re done


This is how I do it based on what I read on the General Hydroponics FAQs (I use GH nutes, I would refer to your nute mfg for clarity):

  • Silica first
  • Calmag second
  • Of the base nutes, micro first, then grow and bloom

I put in any PK boosters or sweeteners I might be using in flower after all that.


That is pretty standard. Also agree that if your specific manufacturer has directions it should be followed. They will account for the specific ingredients in each of their bottles.


Most nutes are 3 part. Emerald is Micro, Grow and Bloom. Same for most.
Instructions say…Micro always first to water…then the rest. adjust ph allow temp to equalize then water.

One gallon water/milk jugs work. 5 gallon plastic buckets work better.