Noob needs help

New to this but my plants are drooping pretty bad after I switched to 12/12 like stems drooping over which I’ve never seen them do. Shock from the switch I hope?


What else did you do besides switch to 12/12? Any drastic temp changes?

When did you last water them?

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Didnt change anything besides the time. Temp was good watered on the 19th. Watered them today but the soil was still a little moist it wasn’t dried out or anything ph is on point. It has been way humid where I live so maybe that’s an issue?

Do you have pics?

Sorry tried to load em phones being weird

What are you growing them in and what’s the quality of your water?

How often do you water? How much? What size container? Does it have plenty of drain holes in the bottom?

Ya so I watered them 2 days ago 2 liters each and soil was still a little moist but I watered again today and I actually just checked on em and they sprung back up and look great. It’s my first time growing and I probably just sketch out too much but thanks for the input everyone. Any advice for the upcoming weeks is always appreciated

Once they start flowering they are going to want more of whatever your feeding except N, after buds establish good they can really drink I had to double the amount of water by the end.

Check PH…a common problem

In flower your humididty needs to be as low as possible. Too much humidity at this stage could cause mildew, bud rot or hermie.


How much water were u using. Mine r in 6 gallon buckets I was doing 2 liters every other day

I was using 2 liters for each every other day like you and was actually a little more than double that by the finish. If your sure on your ph, and they aren’t recovering pretty quickly from the watering you may have some kind of lockout. A good pic. would help