Noob needs advice

Good evening growers, getting straight to the point. Does anyone care to advise this new grower on what I need to be doing & what she’s(QT) saying in this Apotforpot 5 gal medium?
On day 31/11(veg), Started LST on day 25/5(veg)
Cream Auto (Grower’s Choice Seeds); Top soil coco-coir, bttm superb soil.
pH: 6.3; w/cal-mag–6.2. pH’d up to 6.9 for feeding. Last runoff reading was 5.5-5.8
It’s been 5 days since watering because I watered the pot to runoff last watering(mistake stated by Apotforpot).
ppm’s: 2783(11/3/2020)
I used 3/4 gal and no run-off. Should I’ve continued til I get a little amount of runoff?
Indoor 3x4x6 ft grow tent. Using 3x3 portion.
MarsHydro tsw 2000 @ 24" 450ppfd using 150watts
Humidifier in tent; no dehumidifier yet
6" Ipower inline exhaust fan–off (filter uninstalled for now)
6" AC Infinity Booster fan-Intake–on/Lo
6" internal fan above canopy–on/Lo
10" Honeywell fan in tent–on/Med
Here she (QT) is:
This is a top view of her. Some of her leaves especially at the top of her are thinner than the others. The colors are not uniform as well.

On the one pic below is the top of her before I LST’d her. It looks like she’s flowering just on that cola.

Any advice is helpful.

As plants get bigger and bushier they have to share the wealth when it comes to energy and food so new growth seems to take a little longer to develop. I don’t see anything wrong with what is happening unless I’m missing something in the pics. Your leaves are nice and dark so I don’t think they look hungry or are in need of anything other than time. Make sure you have plenty of airflow going in there with em and as they grow you can take off some undergrowth. Because indoor grows only have a single light source that is stationary any leaves not getting light are imo just stealing from the ones that do have light. Hope this is helpful… good luck

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Hello everyone. Just updating. On day 40/4(pre-flower). Cream Auto (GCS). LST is going well. Have about 12 heads so far.
Just watered yesterday 1.5L (RO) pH’d to 6.6, no runoff.
PPFD: 800 @ 20" using 150watts.
Humidifier in tent
No dehumidifier yet

If she’s lacking something please let me know.