Noob needing help before purchase

Hi all, I’m completely new to this indoor growing and need some advice. I should mention up front that money is an issue so I’m having to do this with what I can afford. If I give too much or unnecessary info here forgive as I don’t know what’s important.

I have no need of controlling odor so that’s not needed. I have a large storage room attached to my house to set up in. What I have in hand is a King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum with hardware to hang it I picked up on the cheap recently and plenty of 2mil Mylar that reflects 97% of the light according to the labeling. I have various options for fans to circulate air.

I’ll be building a wood cabinet (have all the lumber I need in hand so no need to buy a tent). Any advice on things I need to consider for the cabinet build would be greatly appreciated.

Mainly today I’m considering which auto flowering strain to go with so I can order the seeds from here. The strain I like the best I’ve tried before was Northern Lights in 1998. The man who grew it said he obtained the seed from the person who created the strain Alaska growers were growing at that time. No idea if that was true or not, but it was just like the old Humboldt County Green Bud in days past (I’m an old fart). Pine tree taste and smell, easy on the throat and gave a happy, happy, happy high and the buds were huge.

I’ve tried the Northern Lights from the pro growers here in Anchorage, but it’s not at all the same and not anywhere near as good. To say I’m disappointed in an understatement. They seem to have bred out all the qualities that made Northern Lights so good. I’m leery of Northern Lights seeds on the market for that reason.

From reading I’m thinking White Widow auto flowering. I’d like to grow four plants in that space. A little weed last me a long time, so probably once a year I’d hope. An ounce of good weed lasts me 4 to 6 months and then of course friends. If I could get say 6 ounces a grow I’d be happy. Are there others I should be considering? I like a mix of body and head high.

I’ve deciding autoflowering is what I need since I want small plants and a modest yield.

I do have what I need to monitor PH and a set of soil test kits in hand.

ETA: Jack Herer maybe?

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Don’t grow autoflowers indoors, you want small plants just flower them sooner.


Could you expand on that? I seem to be reading the opposite?

You have zero control over an auto and 100% over a photo with better pot, Make it as big or small as you want


Not sure of your size of cabinet but my white widow (photoperiod) doesn’t take up much room. This is mine (2.5 weeks into flower) in a 2’x2’x4’ tent. Of course SCROGing will keep the height down.

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I’m thinking the cabinet will be 4’ x 4’ with a 6’ height since the room has a 7’ ceiling. So plenty of room I think. The height is for ease of use since I have the room.


Thank you. I’ll have to consider that. One reason for auto flowering is less concerns over lights timing and less chance of mistakes.

Will photo give me a better yield overall?


Got to go for now, but I’ll check in tomorrow for any help anyone may have for me. I’m planning on ordering the seeds tomorrow.


@BlaineD I’m a newbie this is my second grow. I’m growing Black Widow Ilgm strain feminized photo. I’m using only organic soil and fox farm trio. I have a 400 w mh/hps light.

Five weeks in they got so big I had to switch to 12/12 because they were out growing my grow space. I did a little lst and I’m 30 days from 12/12. This strain is really easy on a beginner.


You sound like you are becoming very well prepared. If you havent already chosen a seed to grow I’d recommend you consider getting a seed that is easier to grow or good for beginners. Hope your grow goes well. I hope you start a journal and share your experience with us

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He does sound well prepared and I think what I’m growing is about the easiest to grow from what I’ve heard and experienced. IMO

@basementstealth I hope u didn’t take that the wrong way abt my suggestion

Idk what I could have taken the wrong way lol I’m pretty baked right now. I fried my brain trying to read your mind lol

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Lmmfao :v::call_me_hand::+1:

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@BlaineD, I’m on my first grow with the King Plus 1,000 watt in a 3 x 3 tent, and not happy with the light. I’m scaling up already.

If your soil testing ph with a soil probe it’s not going to work here are 2 things you absolutely can’t be cheap on get a good ph pin/meter that the probes can be replaced on and get the 3 calibration solutions and check your ph meter and calibrate it regularly.
Second thing is lights they can be a single barrel carbaruator or a super charger i personally won’t buy leds unless they are diy like hlg quantum board or from timber led other wise run hps/mh lights either way good lights can make or break a grow it’s up to you and your budget.
If your using soil i would use pro mix soil and what ever nutrients you use go at 1/2 strength and you should have to worry about nutrient burn
My ph meter was 65 dollars on Amazon and very well worth it. Hope this helps you.

I’m concerned about the electric bill and hoped 1500 watts would do. Would you think that might be sufficient for two plants? My actual needs are small. Just looking to supply my own.

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That kingplus “1500w” light actually consume 260w from the wall, and will most likely not cover a 4x4 very good.

And i kinda agree with above post, if youre going with led get good ones and not china “blurples” (purple light).

My choice of order would be

  1. Cobs light
  2. Quantum boards
  3. Bridgelux strips

If you wanna diy that is, if not


If your goal if 6 ounce, get a 315W CMH imo. If you want to keep that light, reduce your grow space and do two grows/year with that light. It will grow weed for sure.

Too early in my career to say, but I’m in this for the long haul. not big consumption needs, either. I have a quantum board on order. They are adjustable as to the wattage needed, but I figure one great grow at up to 320 watts is better than small yields several time a year. I also want to get into edibles that my wife might even partake of. And, hopefully shut it down when A/C starts running my electric bill way up.

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