Noob Mistakes and Lessons Learned

I just want to say that I’m glad that I have you all and I’m glad that I started my first grow in 30 years with bag seed. I’ve uncovered a number of mistakes this week. I’m sure my plants will be fine, but it’s certainly not optimal and is slowing progress.

We learn lessons, move on, and we’re better for them, right?


That’s what it’s all about. Or is that the Hokey Pokey? :thinking:


@FlxerPower nothing like a good challenge! If we change lights always a small learning curve if we go from outside to inside also learning curve. Even different strains. Or size of tent will change temperature you may be use to seeing. It’s all good you got this!
Good luck


Under things I thought about:
maintenance like cleaning fans, cleaning or changing air filter sleeve.
Upgrades: Added air flow fan as intake to create slightly positive or negative air flow. Tweaks: made an input hose filter cover using cheese cloth. Amazing how dirty it gets GOING IN :astonished:.
adjust your lighting when growing -throughout and don’t forget when starting a new grow.
Clean buckets several times before she’s too big. A great reset of sorts… New water and nutes.
These are my current thoughts I can recall atm. Happy growing my good friends :smile:

credit @blackthumbbetty


And just think your just getting started … lol
But it gets better and and better as you get along. Believe it or not it gets even easyer as you learn also. So stay tuned my friend.


And having loads of fun!



I just noticed that you just joined with us about a month ago.
Well , Welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our awesome community of fokes.
If you ever need any help you can tag me or anyone here for help. I’m @garrigan
B Safe