Noob looking for some tips


New to the growing game. Can anyone suggest maybe some easy strains to start off with? Best nutrients? Any tips really would help thanks


hey @Astrozombie welcome to ilgm forum!! autoflowering varietys are good,blueberry,northern lights,amnesia haze,ak-47
as for nutrients all i know about is rx green,which was a sample pack…i’m not impressed with these,i believe my next nutes will be either roberts brand or general hydroponics not sure though…


White widow is great for beginners. For nutrients I only ever used Fox Farm in soil, so I can only give you my opinion on them. I loved FF though, they grew me awesome plants even when I was a newbie!



Thanks that’s helpful


will fox farm nutes work well in soil and hydro? @ktreez420


@Astrozombie If you’ve never grown before and you want to go KISS then go look at the auto flowering then would be how much room do you have for a grow? In or outside?

Let us know. I’m a first timer growing AK47 auto as it’s a 50/50 hybrid and an auto flowering so less for me to worry about.

White widow produces some good looking bud as well.


Indoor hydro setup, I have a room 10x10.


The most important thing is correct ph. Dont do anything in the plant cant use what u give it.


@Majiktoker @ktreez420

do you know if you can use FF liquid nutrients for hydro bubbler instead of just for feeding watering? Is this true? Like the "bubble brew won’t affect anything for stilling in the res?

How often do u clean it out and what product do you use that is safe?


@AmnesiaHaze, I honestly Cant answer that im not a hydro person nor am I understanding your question im sorry maybe @Hammer can help


Ok so here’s the deal with Fox Farm nutrients.

Their trio pack comes in a soil pack, or a hydro pack. The ONLY difference, is one of the nutrients, which is their Grow Big nutrient. They specifically make a Grow Big Hydro mixture, and a Grow Big Soil mixture! If you want to successfully use FF nutrients with soil and hydro you can buy the trio pack, just be sure to buy an extra bottle of either hydro or soil Grow Big formula.

I believe General Hydroponics nutrients can also be used for both soil and hydro. I use them for hydro and used FF also for soil and hydro. I like the GH more.



thank you @ktreez420 for the additional info/ knowledge sir… i’m trying to make an educated decision on new nutes, i would like to get the best bang for my buck! lol
good morning!


GH is cheaper, and runs cleaner. FF is organic (the big bloom formula) and tends to leave sediment and dye the roots. My personal opinion, from experience, is that GH is really simple to use and cheap to buy. My two cents. Always glad I can help! And buy Hydroguard if you’re running anything Hydro lol!



gotcha @ktreez420 we like cheap and easy!!!


I’m with treez on this I have been using GH for years never fail


You my friend have swung the hinges in opposite direction, and it’s in the path to success. Thank you brother :raised_hands:t3::+1:


Any time you need it, I’m here! Always happy to help!



Yes it will i have it and use it.