Noob leaf issue need help

This is my first time growing. Growing auto flower in soil (compost mixed with peat moss). Plant is about one month old. Using a cheap Home Depot led grow light (new one on order) about 12 inches away. Last week leaves start to change colors. Any help is greatly appreciated.

check PH with meter.

This might help…Maybe a magnesium deficiency. Do you feed them anything other than water?

Have not added any nutrients. Just water. I do not have a good ph tester yet but will be getting one. Last time I tested my well water the ph was high. I have one of those Home Depot moisture/ph testers and ph in the planter was almost 8. Most things I have read says high ph causes nutrition lockout. How can I fix this. Just read about adding 1-2 tbsp of vinegar per gal of water. Will this work to lower ph in the planter?

First you need a current pH reading ASAP. Like cheap strips or meter. Just get a reading. Then to change it for your specific issue (if its ph’n) i vote u invest in pH up and pH down. I saw u say no nutes as well. I think AN (Advanced Nutrients i think) sells a kit with pH perfect that allows u to be… ‘lazy’ but i still recommend testing both the nuted water and your runoff…

After you have a reading then there is a chart for nute lockout pH… ill look for it and edit this post to include it. Easier to diagnose then. But pH check first

Edit :

Thanks for the info. I am sure the ph is high because my well water is high ph. Just not sure how high yet. Would it be advisable to flush it with distilled water until I can get the supplies I need?

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Distilled I believe is neutral. So yes. That would work. But a proper flush would be 2-3 times the size of your pots. How big are they again? And products such as sledgehammer and a few others assist in quick flushes. Although its more of a for high nute problem then. Right now you may have proper nutes but you want to be balancing pH.

Short answer. Distilled works. But still no idea where u start. What level the distilled is. nor where u finish. Not entirely beneficial. Yes may stop problem immediately.

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High ph from well water was my problem as well. It comes out around 8, so I had to switch to distilled water. It’s not a permanent solution to buy gallons of distilled water but I don’t really have any water amendments at the moment.

The ph issue caused the leaves to twist and taco but once I switched water, it was fine.

Most water is high in ph from my experience. Even distilled water from the store has a higher ph than what’s recommended. Advanced Nutrients ph perfect will take your water down to a 7.0 ph and still should be adjusted to 6.6- 6.8. Your best bet is to get a meter and some ph up and ph down solution. I usually have have couple of 5 gal buckets full of water that I let sit for 24-48 hrs before using. I use my meter to adjust each single gallon of water I feed with. Even after putting my Advanced Nutrients ph Perfect nutrients in that single gallon I am watering with.

Im seeing alot of good advice for ya here. Ph issues, cal/mag deficiency is where i would start. You really need a decent ph meter or your spinning your wheels. Be careful of listed ph for bottled water. I have come across some distilled gallons in the high 7’s. I get my water from the windmill express. .20 a gallon (self serve) and it is a consistant 6.7. Im sure that ph varies because of local water sources but in my area its spot on.

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Can I have some?:rofl:


Got my ph tester today and found the water from my well is 7.6 and have been using that water for about a month on this plant. Got some ph down and got the water to 6.5 and did a flush. The runoff was at 7.1. Got some cal/mg supplement today. Should I wait for her to dry out some before i add it? Plant looks worse today but I think because of all the water

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Well water usually comes in pretty high and mine is pretty hard in terms of the ppm. I use distilled water instead atm. The ph down will help. I would wait for the next watering to add the Cal/Mag

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I agree. Wait a day or two for the soil to dry out before you water. If you want you can foliar feed them with the cal-mag using a spray bottle 6.6 ph’d water and 1/2 the recommended solution.

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How often does the cal/mg need to be added. Is it a one time thing or something that will be needed for the duration of the plant life

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The bottle says “For best results, use with every watering with standard fertilizer program.”

If your pH is correct the issue should resolve itself pretty quickly. If newgrowth continues to show signs of deficiency do a flush. Then resume nutes w/added calmag.

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded. You all have been a big help, and a valuable resource for new growers.

Is it beneficial to give the plants a couple hours of direct sun, then back under the lights, or just leave inside under lights?

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