Noob in need of answers

This is a Cream auto. She’s on day 24/ day 4(early veg). Temp: day72F/night70F.
rH: day70%/night60%. 18/6 light. MarsHydro tsw 2000 @ 22” 550PPFD/110w.
Each day the dots on these leaves increase. I use neem oil every 2-3 days. I use 6.4 ph bottled water only. The pot has been watered 5 days ago using a gal of 6.5 ph’d bottle water with very little runoff. I mists under her every 2-3 days. Can someone please let me know what she’s saying.

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What type of soil??

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I’m using Apotforpot. Coco coir mix top soil & superb soil bottom.

First, I am a new grower who also went Pot4Pot set-up for the first grow. For three plants in 1/2 gallon pots, I fed one, gave only Cal-Mag to another, and let one go on its own. The one with additional nutes grew the best, the Cal-Mag next, and the smallest with the smallest harvest was the one with no treatment.

Pot4Pot set up states that no additional nutes are needed. However, when contacted, the rep stated that while not needed it depends on the plant and the grower. Pot4Pot does not state to water to runoff. If you have been doing so, you may have been flushing the nutes in the soil therefore necessitating the need for some supplemental feeding.

Could be other issues. You may need to get a ppm reading in order to figure out where the soil is as far as nutrients go before you can begin supplementing.

Let’s see if some others have other suggestions. I’m still learning! :upside_down_face:


Misting isn’t really necessary and may actually be causing the spotting. A few droplets getting out of place and landing on leaves could cause “lensing” under the lights and leave little burned brown spots. The brown spots could also be nutrient lockout from low pH or a cal-mag need.

I would add cal-mag to feedings now and be ready to add nutrients soon. A gallon seems like a lot to feed in a 2g pot. Maybe try more frequent, smaller waterings.

Realistically, the 2g P4P setup isn’t going to grow much of a plant. Especially without adding nutrients. There’s just not enough actual soil in there. If you want to do a soil grow, grab a 5g fabric pot and some Fox Farms Ocean Forest and transplant her.


Well, I did water her for the first time in 6 days and I got runoff. So I let the pot sit in the tray for 30min to see if it’ll reabsorb the runoff.
pH of runoff: 5.85.
ppm’s: 2785
pH of water(feed w/o nutes): 6.4
I’m following the VPD chart, using the seedling/early veg scale of: 0.4 - 0.8
Temp: 71.5F(day) / 70F(night)
rH: 70%(day) / 60%(night)
I hope this information helps in finding the right treatment for her.


She’s in a 5gal pot.


Run off pH is a little low. That could be causing your problem. In soil you want to be between 6.5 and 6.8

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So for now do I wait til next feeding(~5days) then feed 7.0 ph’d water, but not so much to runoff, just to try and get the soil back to 6.5-6.8ish? And feed 1/4 starting dose of cal/mag. How often should I feed her now that she’s in early veg? Is once every 4-5 days enough?