Noob - here is the plan! Thoughts?

Man this has already been an adventure and I haven’t even begun. The help here has been amazing I have modified my plan a few times so I thought I would repost. Either way it’s about to go down I just got my gg autos today!
3x3x6 grow tent
4” fan and carbon filter with prefilter
1200w LED Exlevence
PH meter Apera
Soil ffof
GE grow light for seedlings
4 in 1 soil tester
Growing in 5 gallon self-watering buckets seen Here
Text is in a basement it maintains a temp of about 60-70 degrees 35% humidity
Using a rainwater collection and augmenting with spring water. (Last time I ph’ed rain water it was 7)
I have the fox farms trio of nuts I know not to add anything for the 1st 5 weeks because the soil.

What am I not thinking of?
How do you recommend growing seedlings? Jiffy pods? Solo cups? Go straight from tap root into bucket soil?
Can I grow 3/4 plants in this tent?

You have a great setup, IMO. I do a 24 hour tap water soak, straight into a solo cup of FFOF, plant seed 1/2" deep into soil. Leave in tent for 5 days, don’t touch it. You will have healthy and happy plants :slight_smile:. / Seedlings for veg stage.

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