Noob grower , skunk and gold leaf

Thought I would post , 1. To say Hello to all.
Purchased super skunk and gold leaf seeds.
Started the grow about two weeks ago. With one of each seed type.
Beginning with a small pot to begin with and will eventually transplant to larger pots.
One of the seeds took off nicely but the other one seems to not be developing at all.
Using same technique on each.
I am using a room in basement for the grow and will post photos of how I have it setup.

If u think I’m doing something wrong as to why the second one didn’t take please feel free in letting me know

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No, I had trouble with the Gold leaf also.its very picky! I’ll send u picks of mine in alittle bit. Not happy with it at all.

Really, for the price you pay for it, one would think it shouldn’t be any picker than the others lol

Ya no shit. I don’t know if it’s the real gold. I grew that back in the 80’s and nothing like this. We will see.

Are you using hps lights?

Yes, set at about 15 inches, 18 hours on 6 off.

I always start one extra seed than needed just in case it runt. Your lights seem a little close also

Think I should move the lights to 25 inches?

How many watts is light?

It is 600 watts

Yeah, I’d move it up to about 30"

Ok I’ll try it, but. Afraid that it might be too high.

Once you get gold leaf going it’s a hardy strain. I’ve made many mistakes, but it’s resilience allow me to correct those mistakes. I don’t even worry when my gold leaf looks bad. I’m confident I can address whatever is wrong and she will bounce right back lol

Apparently it’s the “getting it going” is the issue.
I’ve now tried two of five seeds to the same result.
It is a strain I will never recommend to anyone!

Well here’s a updated pic of plant#1 skunk,

It’s about threee or four weeks old now.
When do you think I should put in larger pot?

I only had 1 of 5 take. I made it simple with out over doing it and I couldn’t get the other 4 to recover. Take note it was only the first time I tried to grow this strain. I’ve never had any problems with all the ones I’ve done in the last 35 years.

Her’s an updated pic of my skunk plant.
What do you guys think?

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My only gold leaf that made its presence known lol

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I’ll take pics in the morning of the one I saved. I’m scared to top it. I always have the anxiety when I save one to just let it go! LOL!! Let me know when I show u the pics, what u think.