Noob grower, Outdoor LowRyder auto, Planted 5/1

Hi everyone!!! I have a question regarding couple of my plants, I have read RB’s Grow Bible and Plant care on PDF and I can’t find anything that matched my concern.

These girls are watered with well water and/or rain.

What are these spots on the leaves and how do I get did of them? Not all my girls have these blemishes.

Likely from a pH imbalance
You cannot get rid of them as the damage is done
pH your water and it should keep the rest of your foliage from turning

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Look for bugs too

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Looks like bugs are getting into it

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Look under your leaves

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I happily ground a little caterpillar to death with my fingers after finding it on one of my leaves.


Start using spinosad now to prevent this from getting out of control it is omri listed and works great for prevention and control

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Also sprinkling some DE will cutt them caterpillars to ribbons

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Can I used Diatomacious Earth instead of chemicals?

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I have very slow cell service out here in the country, good to know I can use DE!

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Another question- how much rain is too much rain? It has rained on and off every day for last week. I had original moved plants under my carport last Monday when we were supposed to get torrential downpours. Nothing really happened so when I got home from work I put the girls back out. They had started bending towards the sun that had peaked out from behind clouds.

I don’t want to keep moving them in and out of cover, and I want them to grow as naturally as possible.


@Growit, can I use spinosad soap spray?

Not familiar with spinosad soap
I have used dr bronners castilles soap in my veggie garden and seems to work well for controlling aphids
I used Monteray brand spinosad during veg you can usually pick it up at Lowes
I ordered mine on amazon as I could not find it locally

Just check to make sure your soil is not becoming overly wet
Rain water has a very very high pH and that is not a good thing as it can disrupt nutrient absorption

Thanks for the info. I am planning on capturing a glass of rain water and checking it when my meter comes in.

Usually pHs in the high 8s

You should put out a drum to catch your rain water and pH it to use for the girls as rain water is high in pH but chock full of other good stuff
@garrigan62 uses reclaimed water for his ladies and they are super happy