Noob grower - lend me your opinions!

New grower here, to be honest I’m tired of buying someone else’s grow… So here I am! I’m here looking for any and all tips - also curious on how my current plant is looking, opinions on nutrients I’m using, and anything you veterans might think of.

I’m using a Super Soil for my grow (5cf-edge-front-491x491-web

Currently growing is a Super Lemon Haze from a home grown bag and a ILGM fem Blue Dream. Light is a Phlizon 600 watt LED veg/bloom switch

This is my current humidity/temp settings. Lemon haze is about 3 weeks old from first sprout.

What I have currently - my tap water PH is usually around 7.1 so the up/down for that, CAL-MAG just in case, Molasses and Liquid Seaweed (because of a youtuber I watch who also grows Blue Dream), powder mycorrhizae, Fish Sh!t (

This is my current plant, some dirt on it because I just moved to a bigger pot, I’m also aware of some damn spider mites that I’ll be dealing with later once I get liquid lady bug.



Welcome to the sand box first . Your plant looks to be healthy and happy so far . Be careful with the cal- mag , I have had a issue with my girls needing more calcium because of the soil I use ( Fox Farms Ocean Forrest) and the cal mag gave me a case of the pox from to much magnesium . I now use just a calcium supplement. Be careful at first with any nutrients you add possibly half strength until you see how they adapt to the soil . Some super soils like the one I use don’t need any nutrients until just a little bit before flowering because it is a hot mix to begin with . Neem oil mixed with a safe soap and water will stop spider mites also sprinkle D.E. food grade Diatomaceous earth on the top of the soil and gently work it in a bit to prevent knats and help with the mites. Also if you haven’t already done so download Roberts free grow Bible from this site it is pure gold for trouble shooting and questions plus visual aids . Good luck and keep us up dated


Look really good. However your ph is rather high even for soil. 6.5 should be your highest ph.
Happy Growing :herb:


What are your runoff numbers (pH and PPM)? Everything looks good. Plants are healthy.

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Thank you all for your comments!

What I meant was my tap water is usually 7.1 but I bring it down to 6.5-6.7PH the best I can but always between those numbers.

I’m unaware of my PPM… actually huge noob here and never thought about it - I just made sure my pH was at a good number.

I’ve NEVER checked a water run off pH, I’ve read you don’t want run off with Super Soil because I’ll end up just flushing out what makes it Super.

Very happy the plant is looking healthy to you all, she was just sprayed with some Liquid Lady bug for my small mite issue.

Awesome looking tent! I would definitely recommend checking out grow lights from horticulture lighting group. There also are lots of people on here doing DIY builds with led boards and strips. As your plant gets bigger it will need a lot more light. Looks really good so far though!