Noob brain absorbtion

These are autos, I’m assuming some of this crosses over at the seedling stage?

Sure does. Training and light schedule will be whats different from what we do with photos.

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I also ditch the domes after they pop out of the soil and shed the seed shell! I am very interested in the Nukehead seeds?:thinking: if you dont mind I’m gonna tag along and watch? Happy growing!

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@503KING heck ya! I’m going to pull the domes this morning and take some pics

5 are up. I can see that last one about to come through but has most the head on it. Not sure if that’s the struggle or not. 4 of 5 look good. 1 is a little droopy

I also feel that I’m dry but I’m so scared of over watering. All I’ve done to this point is mist the cups and the soil. (Now I’m understanding misting the soil is a no no).

I believe they drink through the air for the first part of there life. But i understand the media being to dry. I water around the dome. Or pretend like the dome is on. And water around that circumference. Not getting to close to the seedling. Maybe a couple inches away in a circle if your worried its to dry.

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Well 5 out of 6 ain’t bad I guess for the first time.
One helmet head. I pulled the seed off this morning but I have little faith she will make it.
The other 5 are about 2” tall and looking good.
Fan has been turned on and lights turned up. I will try and post a pic this evening.
Rh avg 55% with a humidifier. Temp 80f

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Helmet head is out of the tent. And honestly probably for the good. Was a little cramped with 6.
Here are a couple ladies this evening


I have to leave town for a week for work and my mrs will be on watering duty. My question is, If I ph my water for her on day 1. Will it still be correct on day 7?

Day 18 everything seems to be doing ok. I have my light up high but at 50% I’m still getting a 18-19 dli at my canopy. Average 80f and about 70rh

I’m thinking about starting LST. Is it to early??

Ok made it back from my work trip last week and all was well. I have my lights up high in the tent and tuned up to 100. It is the s44.
Been feeding 1/2 gal each plant every 3 -4days. Tap water Ph 6.5
I am using fish shit at 3ml/ gal.
I do believe I have had them to dry in these big pots but first grow I have been worried about overwatering.
Few showing pre flower pistils.
This is day 22 above ground. Autos

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@Khaos850 @beachglass hope you don’t mind I re tagged you. Just looking for someone to follow along and tell me what I’m doing wrong. Anyone else?

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Thanks for the tag! They look good for being away for a week. I didn’t get that lucky when i had to leave last year. Glad you moved the light up to get those nodes a little space. Any time u see fan leaf blocking light, tie her down or tuck her. that sounds naughty. :laughing: looking good

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I do need to start some lst and tucking here soon. A couple big leaves blocking light already

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Update girls are day 43 now.
LST on 4. Let one grow naturally.
Might have over done it on the LST. I really hope I don’t have a bunch of popcorn.
Pics are 5 days apart this week