None of my Sour Diesel seeds have made the transition... what is going on?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I am totally baffled now. None of my Sour Diesel seeds have made the transition. I have followed the exact directions and logged into several blogs for help. Once the seeds sprouted, I placed them in “seed starter” potting soil, as suggested. Then the stretching began. I followed the suggestions for stretching. Next day or so, the plants are dead. What is going on? Pictured below are the last two seeds, that are now dead.”

I’m the snapped stem could have something to do with the left one. The right just needs a toothpick splint and the light closer

That and also fill out a support ticket

Mmaybe get some more soil into that pot around that stem before you loose that one too. Stretching is because your light is too far away. You really only need to spray them with pH water to keep them healthy.

The soil has nothing to do with stretching though not properly ph’d water and fertilized soil will certainly kill them if not fixed quickly.

Join the support forums and do some reading and in a few days you will have a lot more experiences to compare with. Download the Grow Bible, lots of good info in there as well!

Best Wishes!