None of my blue haze sprouted. All others did

I sprouted 5 each of BH, GL, SD, DO and BK. 1 BK, 1 GL, 1 DP and all 5 of the BH failed to sprout. Seeds were in RO water for 54 hours and transferred to paper towel for 52 hours. In dark during entire process. I’ve planted ALL seeds into Foxfarm Ocean soil with Mykos and put under 18/6 light. 3 days later all the sprouted seeds are doing great. Unsprouted seeds still haven’t broken ground. Any thoughts on what I did wrong or what the problem is would really be appreciated. BTW, got these seeds from ILGM.

Too long in water. Less time would likely improve your germination rate. No more than 24 hour soak. Soaking too long will drown your seeds so the ones where none sprouted it’s possible you either got a bad batch or you drowned em all.

Also I’ve had seeds take a week in paper towels so don’t give up too soon. I also don’t plant seeds in dirt until they pop in paper towels so for me it’s no pop no plant. That’s just me. Others have their way.

ILGM will issue you new seeds or credit towards seeds if you follow their sprouting guidelines and the seeds don’t pop. I’m not sure if they’d cover you in this case but no harm in asking.

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Thanks for the info! ILGM instructions said to soak for up to 72 hours. I bought 10 seeds of each variety but don’t have room to grow more than already started. Will seeds drown before even starting to sprout? I watched a video of seeds put in water but just allowed to float. So they had access to air and water. I think I’ll try floating 3 and paper toweling 2 of my remaining BH seeds. Not knowing if it was my fault or a bad batch of seeds is killing me. Also, 2 thumbs up on , no sprout no plant.

Yeah you’ve had ok success with your other stuff sprouting so it’s hard to believe you didn’t just get a bad batch.

Thanks. That makes me feel better. LOL, I’ve just started the last 5 BH seeds to see if they’ll pop. Couldn’t wait not knowing. Appreciate the feed back!

You must have a huge grow room…How big is it?

LMBO. And there’s the problem. I’ve got 2 -5x5’s and 1-4x4. Nice of you to point out my bad planning. LOL ! As you might have guessed, I’m a newbie. This is my first grow since the early ‘70’s. I have a feeling that I’m going to learn a lot on this forum in the months ahead. Looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning the ins and outs of growing our favorite plant.

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Well, you can…
choose the best and most vigorous to keep and toss or plant outside the others…
start them under 12/12 to make them flower early and possible keep them smaller…
buy more tents and a bigger house…
give some to me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, tried Flow Tech and paper towel method and got no pop on both. So I’m thinking I got some bad seeds. Anyone else ever had BH that didn’t pop?