Non-serrated leaves at the tops of the buds

Maybe I have too much foliage?

That looks like reveg. Double check your light timers .

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@pedally. I’d be checking for any light leaks or timer interruptions .
Looks like a bit of reveg ( smooth edged single leaves )
Maybe check for a light not going completely off during lights out. :thinking:

Now that I see your light placement I’m gonna say light burn. Far too close.
If you could shorten the strings you added already for hanging you could gain another 4 inches or so. Not ideal but better than cooking all the terps out of the tops.


Beat me to the punch. :joy::+1:

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The best I could do is diconnect the light and place it between the tent covering and tent cage. Not sure what the results would be. I need to work on my lst and fimming next time. There’s a lot of space between the bag and screen. You wouldn’t believe the burn I’m dealing with in the center of the plant. Dealt with that for weeks.
I will admit that I switched the lights to 14 hours dark and 10 light around Christmas time. Seemed a good idea at the time

Those are leaves trying to reveg… you have a serious light leak in my opinion and it’s new because you started flowering decent and your plant is out of flower trying to re enter veg

12 hours of dark minimum and make sure the tent is closed the entire 12 hours and your light is on a timer and check your timers on and off times make sure its 12 hours is an actual 12 hours …they can malfunction not uncommon…no peeking and shut the door whole off period

I’ve removed the light from within the cage and placed it above between the top and the canvas giving more room.
Lots of damage to the center if the plant.
I’m on a 10 hour on 14 hour off cycle. It’s been this way for about 3 weeks. My bad. Reasoned a shorter day and longer night would be good but I’m no genius.

Frustrated as all get out. Feel like tossing it in the fireplace and starting from scratch. This shit will probably kill me lol.
It’s like brewing your own beer. That shit never turned out either.

You said these were autos right. If they’re actually auto seeds you got then 12 hr of darkness won’t matter you can grow an auto with any hrs of light

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Yeah, it’s just not working.
They ought to make 840 piece jigsaw puzzles of different strains of buds. It’s just as entertaining and does as much good if afterwards you ground up the pieces and smoked them

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I’d definitely get that light up somehow though does look really close

Lights raised around 7 inches. If it comes out of veg I could get foot long buds :laughing:

Light to close will have opposite effect heat is a thc degrade and leds bleach buds so fold go 12 inches plus … does the area the plant is in have complete darkness I mean know whole leaking light in… pitch black…any difference in conditions will cause this I dont know of anything else that does… reveg in an auto… never heard of it but who knows might have minimal rueralis Gene’s and its leaning photo

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