Non-Flowering Auto Flower

So I plant a Grandaddy Purple autoflower seed and everything looks good at first but then it grows into this mammoth plant and tall as my ceiling, but simply will not flower.

I have put it on a 12 hours on 12 hours off to force flowering, but to no effect.

I have checked for an hermaphrodite but its clearly a female with only white pistols.

The plant seems to be behaving like a regular feminized plant but I can’t get it to flower and it has started to suffer from nutrient deficiency even though I am giving it additional nutrients.

It has just totally out grown its five gallon bucket with the biggest main stalk I have ever seen.

Not sure what to do?

Any Suggestions beyond just calling it a loss.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, I’m completely new to this and in my first grow, but… once she’s showing her pistils, is she not beginning to flower?

My autos showed me some pistils and proceeded to double in size overnight. I think yours may be having her growth spurt before she shows you the buds, but once the hairs appear, you’re there (I think)

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If it has pistols, by definition, isn’t it flowering?

And how sure are you it is an autoflower?

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If it happens to be photo instead of auto, it can take several days to “flip” after setting lights to 12/12.

Mine shot up 2 feet when it started showing pistils. It was after about 3 or so weeks and had grown three feet and was in full flower

The first pistils are just sex pistils. They show a few weeks before plant is in full flower.

Well it’s supposed to be autoflower. All the rest of the seeds it was with where fine and I have actually harvested everything except this one last plant that seems to want to cause issues.

It’s also starting to die already because it has used all the nutrients in the soil. Even though I am giving it liquid nutrients when watering it is so large that I can’t stem to affects of nutrient deficiency.

A picture would help

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A couple pistils signify maturity, not flowering. Drop the light to 10 on and 14 off for a few days, then put it on 18/6 or 20/4. Should jump start your flowering. :v:t3:If that doesn’t work after a week flip her to 12/12. Then carry on.