Non auto flowering plants flowering at 39 days outside

I am in Oklahoma. I purchased non-auto flowering feminized seeds from a Cali seed bank. 3 strains, including Banana OG, Harliquin and CBD Blueberry. All of my seeds were sprouted indoors in peet pots, and then transplanted outside into a prepared inground plot. They are all 39 days old All look good, but 1 of my blueberry plants is showing obvious signs of flowering, at about a foot tall. Same feeding schedule, same light, same water, same soil. Any idea why? I am completely baffled.


This is a Blueberry CBD that is supposed to be a photo and turned out to show its ruderalis (auto) genetics. A seed from the same batch produced a photo last grow. They do this sometimes @Billdillard


There wasn’t a reduction in lights on time from what you were running indoors compared to what you’re getting naturally outdoors?

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I sprouted the seeds under grow lights, that were constantly on. I’m in Oklahoma, where we are currently getting about 14.5 hours of daylight.

I have a strain called Zkittles Glue. The one was less than 1” tall after 30 to 45 days. The other was flowered and over 3 feet tall in the same tent. Same treatments. I have literally treated them the same. She has caught up finally.

It’s genetics. No two seeds will ever be alike and even identical twins will show differences. And I am glad or this would be one sorry rock to live on.