Noise control IE: fans!


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The value i need is quieter opperation. I do have a speed controlled fan but i know the brand is not the best but wounder if not satisfied with sound levels (on other fans purchased ) maybe i could return them.


If you check AC Infinity website, I’m almost certain there are decibel ratings. @Audiofreak


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Sorry, no I was addressing Covert on this one.

Are you a member of the lab?

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Not as yet. Still a green pea. Have learned a lot here , have upgraded my lights, soil, pots, pretty much everything, Ph meter, tds etc. Only one grow under my belt with less than stellas results, but think i learned what i did wrong and have addressed those issues. Just working out the last rough edges (so to speak) before dropping seeds again. I thing im pretty well set up for the small grow i planned, 2 plants in 2x4x5 tent with qb HLG 260XL lights. Soil is FFOF.


The most important first things that I learned was:

  1. Don’t over water
  2. Insure that water/nutrients are at the correct pH (6.5 for soil)
  3. Insure that you have plenty of light of the correct spectra
  4. Insure that your plants are always at the correct temperature

It does sound like you do have a handle on it but thought it was worth listing these important things. There are a great many things beyond these basic but the basics are a must.


Ive tried to eliminate all excuses of “its the equipment” LOL now its up to me …and mother nature!


Got the same one myself for my 2x2 tent. Love it so much, and quiet! I’m hoping to get the 6" version for my flower tent. Definitely a worthy investment for me.

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Only using the vivosun as it came with the tent. Works well just loud. Trying to make it work at least one more grow than i will upgrade. I have seen utube vids on the “sound insulation dryer hose” and it demoed very well. Just thought someone might have tried it.


I have the ipoewr 4" inline exhaust fan and if i leave mine on low it has a loud humming sound . Let me know if the ac infinity is quieter. My fan is directly under my bedroom as well. Too loud


That AC infinity fan is way quieter than any of the big vivosun ventech Ipower fans it’s a dc motor so it’s completely different and hardly any sounds and it’s worth saving up for you will never need another


I run I grow lush 6" fan and it was to loud so I brought the muffler and insulated ducting and found running the filter and muffler infront of my fan works best but it’s a big long contraption. I also made a box for my fan and packed it with insulation aswell and at full speed 440cfm it’s on the really quiet side now and all up $100 for the ducting and muffler

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Thanks for the input. About a week from dropping seeds, been gathering this and that, nothing left to get except for nuets and a tds meter. I’ll live with the vivosun for this grow then upgrade.

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I like using the sound deadener kit on the outside of the fan housing. Just like what people use in the floor pan or firewall of classic cars. Basically peel and stick. Makes a big difference. I also agree with Merilyn 44 larger fan at a lower speed.


Interesting, have used that stuff in my home audio system to control vibration caused by sound waves bouncing around.