Noise control IE: fans!


Have a 2x4x5 tent, 4"speed controlled fan and carbon filter. Pretty loud in my bedroom. I’ve seen putting a box around the fan but not practical. How about the “sound suppressing exhust hosing” anyone using?, results? Any other ideas???


Suspending the fan by straps, or hangers. A box around it will help. @Audiofreak


Already have it hung.


Probably just a noisy fan @Audiofreak.
You should check out the AC Infinity series. I have the 6” model more energy efficient than most other fans, and super quiet.

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller - Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Heating Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics


The temp, humidity controller is a little over my head but thoose are not issues for me (thank God) but is the ac CLS4 same noise level? ??


What fan do you have? The one he listed is 28db’s


Its a vivosun, i have no fantasys reguarding the quality of my fan. But it does make some noise, trying to surpress as much as possible to see if i can make use of it first before i replace. Just spent some cash on lights,meters,soil and such and am a bit short looking for a stopgap at present.


That vivosun shows 30db’s. Now these numbers are from the manufacturer so their true numbers would need to be tested. Your name is audiofreak, got a db meter? Lol


LMAO why yes i do as a matter of fact , LOL my two ears say its too loud!


So how about thoose “sound surpressing” exhust tubing???, anyone using these???


Like this?

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Noise Reducer Silencer for Inline Duct Fan

I think it probably works, but you’ll have to run solid pipe after the muffler for best results. Have no experience with this though.


I have seen a tubing with “holes” thru the outside layer than insulating materal inside. Anyone using this tubing?


Im just getting into this and decided on the ac infinity. Do you like it?


Dont know what a “ac infinity” is.


No not the “muffler” the actual “dryer hose” but designed to surpress sonud of the Fan.


@DankGunslinger I love my AC Infinity. I was just thinking about my fan yesterday. I made a comment that it’s sad my grow fan is quieter than the bathroom fan. Lol

@Audiofreak i don’t think the dryer duct with spiral wire in it is going to do much for sound deadening.


The most effective way to reduce the noise is to install a larger fan and ducting (6") with a speed controller and run it at a reduced speed.

You can get the same volumetric flow rate but the air will be moving at a slower speed and the fan will be turning slower, thus reducing noise levels since the air flow and the fan turning produce most of the noise that you are hearing.

If you install a low quality fan or speed controller, there is a good chance of introducing a new noise which will be at a very unpleasant frequency (~120 hz).
@Audiofreak @Covertgrower

I am using iPower fans and speed controllers, just below our bedroom. The fans run at night and we can barely hear them when we are in bed.


Gotcha on the ac infinity (finely, im slow this morn.) Money is tight and cant drop more cash on a “if come maybe” situation on is this one quieter than this one, ending up with a lot of lesser fans than i already have. Just trying to NOT to waste money i dont have. Trying to spend wisely.


I completely understand, but I can tell you the bearings in the Infinity fan are rated for 67,000 hours, and is the most energy efficient. (I think it was 4w on low and 7w on the second to lowest. I checked) @merlin44
The Infinity fan comes with a speed controller, and temperature control. In my opinion most other fans don’t and have to be purchased separately. This makes this purchase the best value. @Audiofreak


Just a heads up…I sent you a PM on the other side…if you are free.