Nodes and topping

I’m in the middle of week 4 on my first grow and I have a question about nodes and topping. With the new growth showing from the nodes, I feel like it’s time to top. Should I count number one as the first node, or start at number two counting nodes? I want to cut above the fourth node, but the sprouts from the lowest node seem small and may not make it to the light because of the larger leaves at the node above it. Should I let him grow a little more and cut above number 5? I’ve been following @Hellraiser journal, but his plant is so bushy in the “where to top” photo I can’t see all of the nodes.


I never count the single leaves as a node. You could top here or let it grow another node and top


You’ve counted the cotyledon leaves and the first set of 2 leaves (each with a single leaf) as nodes.

Many people (self included) top above the 4th node, counting the first node as that which appears with the first set of fan leaves.

Your 4th node is just starting to develop. I’d give it a week. There’s no harm in cutting later rather than sooner.

The one you have marked as #3 is actually the first node.


Your number 2…is the 1st node. Count from there. You can cut cut above your number 5…which is actually node 4…which is perfect. Leave a little stem below your cut and boom your have 2 new tops. If you use pruning scissors remember to sterilize them in rubbing alcohol. Happy growing

Ow your plant looks really happy and healthy, good job

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I think he’s pretty happy and healthy for my first time. I was a little concerned at first that he was growing too slow, but I have learned patience. I’m a bit of an idiot, I guess. I wanted to go with autoflower and I was so excited start growing I sprung for the ILGM Beginner Mix. I was two weeks above ground before I realized it was not an autoflower mix. I had originally planned to try 2 autoflower in my 2x2x4 tent, but my wife talked me out of it. I’m glad that she did now that I know it’s photo. Hopefully I am able to keep him small enough for my tent. Thanks for letting me know the best place to trim this little guy. :smiley:


No problem. If in doubt…ask. this forum is amazing for help.

What strain are you growing? Topping it will certainly control the height. You can also try some LST. Or use a SCROG net. YouTube is brilliant for LST. (Light stress training)

Hopefully it’s not a him, lol. Scrog really helps with keeping the plant low and maximizing yield. This was my first plant in a 2x2x4. She gave up 5oz and still had plenty of headroom.


Haha. Good point about it being a girl. I do know that it is suppose to be feminized. I named it Bud, so I’ve been calling it he, but it better be female. Yes, I’ve got a net and SCROG and LST is what I’m gonna do. @Bobbydigital is that one plant in your photo? This grow is AK47.

Yeah, it was one plant in a 5gal pot.

Your plant is free to identify as whatever it wants :laughing:

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I’d let her get a tad taller, then top and bend her over. I topped these at three weeks, and started LST. I’m at week 7 now, colas everywhere :+1:
Good luck on your grow!

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I think you had them counted correctly. I usually remove the first set of branches. From an LST standpoint it gets hard to find space for all of the branches. Are you going to LST

I’m going to top it in a few days and let it grow for a little bit before I start to SCROG it. I wanna try and fill the tent with green before I flip the lights. It’s growing like a weed this week. :joy:

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