Nodes and pitils

While I was trimming the buds off of the stems, I noticed each stem had a pistil pod where the bud met the stem. My question is this: Does that small pod have THC in it? Should I knock it off into my jar? When I break them open they seem to be somewhat powdery. Thanks in advance.

Yes those are what show up before u start to flower that’s a pre flower. Calyx that let’s u know u got a girl instead of a guy… a male will have round balls there with no hair coming out of it … they both behave that little pine needle looking thing but right behind. That is where u see the calyx or ball

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Forgot to answer ur question yes it does have thc @blackthumbbetty will tell ya… I remember she said something about picking calyxes off old harvest stems when the stash gets low


Yes save them they are very smokeable.