Node spacing too short

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I’m currently running clones, 2 Purple Kush, 1 Cheese and 1 LSD under a 250w hps in veg.

The cuttings are about 2,5weeks old, transplanted into small pots and roots are established. The problem is that I had it under a 400w for the 1st week but got miniture so I moved the light further away (1 meter from cutting. The new growth was still miniature leaves so I switched to the 250w (1 meter from plants). The new growth seems a bit larger but the node spacing is extremely close (3mm to 5mm). Even with the light so far away and using the HPS in veg, which is supposed cause some stretch, these plants just aren’t stretching at all.

Had the same problem with the grow that just finished with the same strains from the same mothers, except, in the previous grow, I just left it as is because everyone said that close nodes are good. The LSD turned yellow under the 400w and I had problems with her for the entire veg cycle.

This time around, I’m trying to get some stretch to fill a scrog but even switching to a 250w, there’s very little difference. 5mm spacing is way to little.

Nodes being close is really best , it’s a sure sign the plant is healthy . With close nodes and you scrog , it would produce twice as much than a plant with stretched nodes.

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Hey Lyla, i do alot of cloning i have a journal this is the link.

I couldn’t figure out why the spacing of the nodes were so far apart this time around.
It turned out to be generic. 60% indica 40% Sataiva
That will do it.

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