Node spacing control

Please let le know if the following sounds doable or is a good or bad idea:

I am running the light height way up with only 25% power netting about 7000 lux at the seedlings.

I am trying to stretch the nodes early in the grow so that my off-center seedlings in their grow bags can later be supercropped and laid over to fill the bag laterally in the process spreading the nodes way out.

Then after supercropping, I would lower the light and also greatly increase the power as normal for the veg part of the grow.

The “plan” here is to stretch it all out at first then grow it normally afterwards so that light can penetrate and give good coverage to all the colas.

Is this reasonable? Does anyone else do this?

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.


Personally never tried that and can’t say one way or the other. You’re a little past the seedling stage. I set my lighting by DLI and the growth stage. Around 25 DLI is where I would be assuming their around 2 weeks?? 3 weeks through veg is around 35 and 40-60 for flowering. I adjust height and DLI for optimum area coverage. Super cropping is used to maintain an even canopy, I would grow those out and if you don’t want to top or fimm… Bend that main over and tie it down and LST the side branches :love_you_gesture:


Yah u can do it that way but it also depends on what strain ur running aswell cause if ur got indicas plants there always fairly short and bushy with close node spacing but if it is more sativa strain it will have more of a cap between nodes anyway

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Excellent feedback.

If this helps… the reason I am doing this is I typically have very short and very bushy plants ( I presume it’s from abundant light) that I have real trouble with my big meat hook hands trying to get in there and LST with pins to stretch it out flat.

I’ve seen videos of growers waiting till it’s got like 5 nodes, supercrop then lay that tall plant over perfectly and pull all the long branches out and tie them down too. Their small plants are stretchy already but mine look like fat short bushes at that point.

Does that make any sense at all?

Yah i totally understand where ur coming from ur plants should stretch if u turn ur light down and leave it at the height its at now

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And it was also a good point that I tend to grow Indica dominant ones 90% to 50% indica dominant that is

As soon as u said you had tight node spacing and short plants i knew straight away u had indica strains i love growing indica plants


Well dang… the Indica short thing is sort of hard to overcome isn’t it?? :laughing:

I mean I’m happy with my harvests. Just dislike the excessive retying down every 2 days with my big clumsy hands and some extra space would be lovely.

Oh well . At least this can’t hurt we will see.

By the way, our Technical Director at my manufacturing plant where I work here in the States is from Australia… and we love him! Great guy with an amazing sense of humor. He’s getting ready to retire… so please send over another one!! :heart:

In addition to the strain, spectrum can also impact shape.


I don’t really think what your trying to go for will work with the super crop. You’ll still have tons of off shoots at your base that will need tied, your super crop will give them the light they need to do that. Then your lateral upper will start throwing shoots of of it as well that will need trained. You will then be training two areas instead of one. I prefer a indica as well and this has been my experience . I haven’t played around with the light intensity though.
When my clone shelf light comes on I’ll show you some pics of a sativa I have going with far node spacing that is super cropped, if ya want. Same issues as I listed above.

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Do you happen to have even an old photo of one of your indicas the way you’ve trained those?

I’ve done LST more than once but again, it “seems” like it could be simpler with a supercrop if the darn nodes would space out more.

I don’t not unfortunately. I didn’t take as many pictures as I do now. I was to scared to post anything like that or even have it in my phone.
Now that it’s not a problem I’m taking full photo shoots…:joy::rofl:
Happy Easter :rabbit2:

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I perfectly understand. If it wasn’t legal here like it is I wouldn’t take pictures either.