Nocturnal danger?

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Im in need of someones experience in outdoor growing. I live in the deep woods , its time to transplant to outdoor sunshine and im very nervous about it. Not about growing , or standard problems …but nocturnal visitors. Ive never grown outdoors before except vegetables and flowers. Do i need to worry about deer ? Or even opossum , armadillo or anything else that roams my yard looking for a meal. I definately know i have “visitors” at night. They leave plenty of tracks and indicators that they were there …every night. What can i do to make sure my girls dont end up as some animals delicacy ? Or am i simply being paranoid.

You have to protect your plants from deer, rabbits etc. It could be as simple as a screen around plants. Blood meal supposedly helps. Urinate in the area of the plants. I’ve heard of hot pepper being sprayed on the ground too.


Dont urinate near them if youre trying to keep deer away. I do so in mock scrapes I make and it attracts deer, fox, and coyotes.


What we used to do is take hair when you get hair cuts or the fam and put some around your plant like a 12 radius and urinate and never had problems but every area is different

12 foot around

You can dig a small trench a few feet in diameter and just a few inches wide, and put chicken wire or something like as a fence. Putting it in the ground will help with rabbits or gophers or things like that dig. A few feet tall for the deer. Just a thought.

Thank you for the ideas , hopfully they will survive and thrive. I’ll post pics after they are large enough to be proud of.

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Lol! :roll_eyes:, mothballs my friends,mothballs. Keeps all animals away, just refresh from time to time. Cayanne pepper spray stops any animal and most insects from eating them.