Noc's 2020 Grow Journal

Man… dont put me on the spot like that. Skywalker i do remember tho. Whenever jack drops, so shall she. Ive been watching @Witchhouse have harvest after harvest of it!


Sorry brother, I know you got a lot of strains in your juggling act. Jack H seems very popular, they come in waves.
Blue Dream, Bergmans Gold, Black sugar rose, Wedding cake etc. Now I’m seeing this Cali Dream and I’m trying Not to collect more beans :joy: this just makes it all the harder to do so. I can however live vicariously so I enjoy seeing other folks here grow strains that I had targeted. :+1:
I think Blackberry Kush should be quite nice when she gets going dont you :wink:


Just wait, you are gonna be so pleased come late flower! You wont regret dropping those beans, guaranteed! Mine took 3 months to flower but you could have a pheno that will have a shorter/longer flowering time. I have a cross between gelato and jack herer, I’m dying to how she turns out! Lol


Good evening, everything looks great and I got my new light hanging up! I think the plants are still to little to turn it on just yet so…using the hlg 65 for now. I’m super excited to have this light now though. :+1:

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Congrats, hope you love your QB your ladies definately will :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

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I just ordered 2 of those myself. I know that my plants love the 260’s that I purchased. You and your plants should be happy, happy, happy :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


Awesome! I want the 260s but I dare not assemble anything myself. Knowing my luck something bad will happen. You ordered two 550s? @repins12


Those are 550s? But on a single board? Without heatsink? Sorry haven’t seen those before I don’t think.


Yeah I ordered 2 of the 550’s to add to what I have to make sure that I have enough light in the 8x8, I just ordered. I think that I may still be a little short and will probably end up with another 260 or a 320. The assembly is very easy brother. I believe that there are even yotube videos. If you end getting a kit and need help jus, tag me and I will help walk you through it. There are also 660’s out there as well. I looked at a few and also looked into DIY my own but wanted to keep all HLG lights. :v:


Sweet deal , and pretty little ladies !!

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hows that blue haze doing?

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Doing great, shes coming along nicely so far. @TLC very nice @repins12 I will consider the purchase.


Here you go my friend. She looks fantastic so far. @TLC

Blue Haze


:strawberry: Strawberry Cough looks so healthy.


Another beauty Skywalker OG


This Purple Haze is taking its sweet time.


All the seedlings are on track. Except I do believe I lost purple haze #3. It was not going well since the beginning for that one unfortunately.


@Noctis420 plants look really nice :herb:


Agreed :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


Good morning everyone, so in the beginning I messed up and bought 17" saucers which is crazy lol. I replaced them with 12" ones. Now it looks much more organized and I can move the pots where I want more freely.

Now I transplanted Black Widow and California Dream in there.

So two more spots remain… The Strawberry cough has about 5 nodes now. What do you guys think? Overall growth is a bit slower than hydro but seems easier. I am also measuring the lux they are between 7k and 10k right now.

Of course,
I planted some more seeds lol :crazy_face:
Everyone send good vibes to my four Blue Cheese seedlings :seedling: which sprouted on 2/14. Hopefully they will actually make it through this time! Two of them are going into hydro inside my 3ft cab to veg. As for the other two…into coco and in the 2x2.5 to veg. They look really healthy so far. I transplanted them today into the hydro unit. I used coco coir instead of rocks to fill the net pot and hold the rapid rooter as a little experiment. In the future I might just fill the net pot with coco and plant the seed! Like that spot in the middle :wink: on the mini hydro setup.

These were the other two before transplant this morning. They look great.

After Transplant

I think I did feed a few of the seedlings too early. A few of them looking pretty ugly. I can see the burn on that one jack #3. Guess I need to wait a liiittttleee bit longer on the nutrients.

If this Blue Dream doesn’t shape up either then it will be culled. Last grow Blue Dream hermied. It was just never a happy plant and no matter what I did never fixed it so I won’t make that mistake again. I gave it a light feeding and it’s pretty big now. Maybe it’s ready for a transplant I don’t know what the problem is?

Here is the Blue Dream

BlackBerry Kush looks similar.

And the rest…

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