Noc's 2018 Grow Journal


Also, do you run your fans through the dark cycle?


Yep all my fans are on 24/7. I use coolgrow 3x3x6ft tents. They are very good except for the top bars I am using zip ties that can hold 200pounds to support lights. The zippers can be a pain every once in a while they get stuck but they don’t have hardly any light leaks. My gorilla tent 2x2.5 has awful light leaks. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with them. @Drillbit


Nice job dude. It looks amazing :wink: @Noctis420 .


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I used some automotive gasket sealer to fix my tent. It had pinhole leaks around the stitching. It worked out great, and it is basically invisible since I bought it in black :smirk:


Did it work @Noctis420? I think @discobot is dead. Lol


Nope didn’t get anything lol @Budbrother I’m getting light leaks through the zippers.


Hey everyone, so I just spent about 45min or so tying down and tucking the “soon to be colas” very carefully on my Blue Dream. This is how I should of treated the Blue Haze and OG Kush :laughing: So you can see the knots on her were the topping was done. It looks like I got three colas out of one. It’s very interesting to me :thinking: From what I’ve read Blue Dream is very rewarding indoors too, so I’m hoping for a good yield off her. I’m going to put my best effort in this scrog, she is not getting above the screen anytime soon! Its nice having a lot of room to work in the 4x4 tent. Soon this White Widow will be done and gone freeing up more room, so I’ll be vegging the Blue Dream for probably close to 8 weeks. I’m hoping to flip the switch to 12/12 by the time my autos are done or very close to finishing and by then she will have all the good lights I have in the tent for flower. I like my autos on 18/6 but it is what it is, I guess I shouldn’t mix autos with photo plants :smirk: I did notice that my Pineapple Express Auto is starting to flower though, man I’m loving this. Growing is so addicting.

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Looks great @Noctis420 , nice job on the tie down. And yes very addictive


Thanks @Wishingilivedina420state that main cola keeps fighting me :laughing: its desperately trying to grow upwards.



I’m so jealous ATM


Haha strawberry madness


I can’t wait to see them in your hydro buckets. Those girls are gonna be big.


Weight it down


Yo this is crazy, It’s only been about two days and all the strawberries :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: has germinated and probably will breach the surface by tonight! They aren’t wasting any time. I thought it would be like at least 5 days, guess things are going to get wild! Pic coming when they are up!


Is there supposed to be a word where the big space is hahaha


You can’t see the strawberry icon? :strawberry:


@Noctis420 I couldn’t in the first post but I did see earlier you are gonna have a strawberry party soon


Yep time to restock on some nutes and buy more 5g buckets. I really am excited about the strawberry cough. Bud doesn’t really make me cough much, so I want to see if it’s true :laughing: